The colophon in a book is a little page that describes how the book was made. The same applies to this website’s colophon. It is just a little description of what went into making the site.

Stories and Essays

My stories are kept in a Git repository which has been migrated from plain text files to Subversion before being converted into Git. This has given me a history of writing since the early 2000’s, though I’ve been writing since 1990.


This is a static HTML 5 website that uses Disqus as a plugin for comments. It is generated on any number of Linux machines along with some other sites that I’ve created including t’Sade and this one.

HTML is generated from Creole or Markdown text using the DocPad static site generator. Since I dislike Coffee as a language, I have a number of Perl-based programs that coerce my stories into a format that DocPad wants, including ones that generate the listings of pages, automatic redirect to Sadie, and all those other little things that go into the site.


The HTML framework is [Twitter Bootstrap] with some customization written by me in LESS. The colors picked for the site came from Colour Lovers. In specific, revealing myself palette. To help break up the solid text, I’m using a square background from Subtle Patterns creatively named Transparent Square Tiles.

The font for the body is Noto Serif and the header font is the corresponding Noto Sans.

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