Afternoon Hunting

Fallow’s Lane was very peaceful, thought Clouds. His powerful, sky-blue wings beat lazily in the air. He considered flying faster, to make it to the far end but it seemed like too much effort on the warm spring afternoon. The valley was quiet, but he could feel the playful side just waiting to be released. Fallow’s Lane was known for that endlessly peaceful and innocent air. His eyes, the color of lemons begging to be picked, gazed along the lazy lane that bisected the valley.

Fallow’s Lane. Named for the many fallow fields on both sides of the lane. The valley barely kept one in six fields actually growing the plants. The rest remained fallow, in part to keep the richness of the earth but also because the folks of Fallow’s Lane didn’t need them. The valley had very little trade outside, a private little community of people who were at least civil with each other. Didn’t mean they liked each other, they just didn’t fight.

Well, that much.

Shaking his head, Clouds felt the thermals fading underneath him. For a moment, he considered beating again, to keep up in the air and soar to his home in the southern corner of the valley, but the effort seemed like too much work. Instead, he just let the wind die underneath his wings and he drifted down. Landing heavily on the lane itself, he crouched for a moment to handle his moment, then straightened up, stretching his ten-meter length across the line.

Not that anyone was actually using the road.

Alone the lane was a creek. Only a few meters across, it was a little more perky than the rest of the valley. The winter snows were melted and the creek boiled with the icy-water. His yellow eyes followed some burbles and bubbles as they drifted down to the center of the valley, where a small lake shimmered in the afternoon sun.

Clouds decided it was too much effort to do anything. With a flop, he dropped himself on the ground across the road, resting the tip of his dragon snout in the water and closed his eyes. Naturally, he was just getting to a good dream when the ground began to rumble underneath him. Again, he had to spend the effort to crack open one eye. Peering around, he saw the shaggy black and brown mane of Kanon, a Titan horse. Almost four meters tall, Kanon was probably the second largest creature in the valley. Kanon carefully stepped along the road, peering down at his hooves as he walked, like a human, down the heavily beaten trail. The horse man paused as his eyes focused on dragon sprawled across the road.

Neighing for a moment, he peered down at the sleeping dragon.

“Hey… Clouds?”

Clouds rolled his one eye to look up at the immense horse. His vision caught sight of the obviously well-hung man and wondered how it fit in any woman in the valley.

“Yeah, Kanon?”

“You… in the… road.”

Kanon was not the brightest creature in the valley, Clouds decided. In fact, he was as smart as a box of rocks, but that was almost insulting to the rocks.

Next to his head, one of the rocks cracked open a quartz eye, gave Clouds what looked like a finger, then rolled into the creek. Clouds stared at it with his other eye and grinned. He loved Fallow’s Lane. Realizing that Kanon was waiting for a response, he looked back up.


“Please… move?”

Clouds rolled over on his back, his wings folding tightly against his back to let him move. He took the effort to look lazy as he stuck up his four feet, talons reaching for the sky, his tail stretching even further into a thick bush on the other side.

“Na… can’t be bothered.”

Kanon stood there for a moment, not moving. Clouds stretched out across the road, grinning up at the slow horse man. Finally, Kanon spoke.

“I… saw… Gain…” Clouds perked up, Gain was a very attractive bunny from the north side of town. She also teased Clouds constantly, despite the fact she was barely two meters in height, with her ears, compared his ten meters, including his tail. Both eyes focused on Kanon as the horse man paused. Betraying his desire to be just a tad annoying, he felt his tail starting to snap back and forth, shaking the bushing.

“Yeah? Yeah?”

Kanon smiled slowly, a grin showing that the horse was not as stupid as Clouds thought. Sluggishly, he paused.

“… heading… home…”

“Home? Where does she live?”

Kanon shrugged, immense muscles of his body shaking as he did so.

“You… in… road.”

Clouds chuckled, a deep rumbling noise. He curled up tightly into a ball, then flipped over, landing on his back two feet. With deliberate movements, he turned to give the large horse a chance to pass him.

“There, happy?”


“And… Gain?”

“Heading… home…”

Clouds was getting a little exasperated, “Yeah, yeah, you said that. Where does she live?”

The Titan horse stepped forward, pounding into the ground from his weight. His hooves, shod because he worked in the fields most of the day, left indents in the ground as he started forward again ponderously. Clouds bounced after him.

“Yo! Horse brains! Gain!”

Kanon kept moving forward, not really paying attention as the ten-meter dragon bounced after him. Then, he spoke up.

“East… by the water… fall… she…”

“Great!” Clouds sprinted forward along the lane, snapping out his wings to catch the air. A dozen powerful beats, he managed to get airborne. Moments later, he was spiraling up on fresh thermals. His heart pounded with even just a chance to catch Gain. Her body was burned into her memories, a sexy rabbit that always made him smile. Not to mention other parts.

Rising quickly in the air, he peered almost frantically to the east. Rising even higher, until the clouds cooled his back, he came down in a lazy spiral, his lemon eyes peering through every shadow, every road, and every creek he could see.

Then, he caught her. A flash of white with chocolate tips on the ears. The sway of her hips. He purred deep in his throat, a rumbling noise that brought a smile to his lips. With a gentle dip of his wings, he circled around her again.

Gain was walking along the road. Her snow-white fur was slowly turning brown, from the ear tips and hands, but the rest of her body was a brilliant white that just begged for attention. Her narrow waist was wrapped in the straps of an apron that covered her from throat to knees, but let her backside deliciously exposed. The tight curves of her ass swayed back and forth as she started to climb a hill, the powder-puff tail almost bobbing as she walked. She didn’t seem to be noticing anything since she was reading a book, probably one of the thirty in the valley. Clouds grinned to himself, knowing her, it was the tale about the dragon rescuing the fair maiden from the human’s clutches.

Or… it was just wishful thinking.

Seeing her walking all alone brought other thoughts to Clouds’ mind. Mainly naughty thoughts involving a very delectable bunny and a spring afternoon. There was no rape in Fallow’s Lane, nor did it even occur to him. Instead, many of the occupants of the valley enjoyed sex games with each other almost as much as working and playing hard. It was a good life, lazy in the spring afternoons, but a good life. Clouds took a deep breath and adjusted his wings again, to fly ahead of her and around the bend.

He would wait.

It would be a great surprise.

Maybe I’ll get a little more than a surprise, he thought to himself as he settled down in a copse of trees. The crickets around him grew silent as he clung to the ground. He could feel the tiny brown glares against his skin and he tried to think green thoughts. Slowly, his body started to tingle and the sky-blue grew duskier, then shifted into green colors.

If it wasn’t for the camouflage, dragons would never eat, he chuckled to himself. After a few moments, his scaled matched the colors and patterns of the trees… if you weren’t looking that hard. Closing his eyes to just cracks, he peered at the road, waiting for Gain to show up.

Time seemed to crawl, that anticipation of someone walking up the late. Clouds realized his tail was thumping and concentrated on keeping it still. Then, he focused on a small cricket that decided to bitch him out for sitting near. He tried to ignore it, but the little creature was on his nose, shaking a leg at him. After a while, the cricket forgot about him and Clouds went back to staring at the road. No Gain, no rabbit, no sexy woman in his trail. He wondered if he flew too far ahead, he did that on more than one occasion when he was growing up.

For a moment, he considered getting up, to see how far, but he held himself. It was probably only a few minutes… Clouds got impatient more than once when trying to play jokes on other people.

He wasn’t really that good at it either.

Time crawled on, each second feeling like an hour. The warm sun on his back was starting to feel good and he realized he was beginning to drift to sleep. With a supreme effort, he forced his eyes open.

And found the cricket shaking a leg at him again. Getting just slightly frustrated with Gain not there, he let out a single grumble of noise, a deep rumble that sunk into the ground.

The cricket decided that somewhere else was much better.

Clouds smiled and then froze. He heard the soft sound of bare feet on the soil, getting louder with every second. His both tensed as he dug his claws into the ground, ready to spring out. He could imagine her body in his mind, the wonderful curves, the breasts hidden underneath the apron. Gain never left the house without the apron, giving a sense of modesty to the girl. He wondered how she would moan, then had to force himself to concentrate on the noise as his manhood, a thick beam of pleasure, starting to peek out against the hard ground beneath him.

The footsteps grew louder and he peered down the road. Come on, already! He wanted to see her, he wanted her in ways that she would never let him have. In fact, he could remembering desiring Gain ever since she entered the valley, almost ten years before. Of course, she was barely half-way through her third decade but she was still the most perfect woman in Clouds’ life.

Then the footsteps stopped.

He bit back a whimper and lifted his head slightly to peer down the road. It was empty, shimmering with the afternoon heat, but there was no bunny woman on it. For a moment, he wondered if he was hearing something else.

Then, a flash of movement caught his attention. It was light brown and white as it dropped into his vision. He barely had a chance to notice the loop in something that looked like rope when it came around his muzzle, squeezing tight in a second. Startled, he threw up his head and felt soft, warm legs wrap around his neck, right behind the crest of his head.

“Mrph!” He tried to scream, but the rope muzzled him. In a panic, he shot forward out of the trees. The soft body riding him laughed, the sound of tiny bells as the legs squeezed tightly around his head, the rope guiding him down the lane. In his blind panic, Clouds let the rope guide him as he thundered down the path, trying to run as fast as possible. Automatically, his wings snapped out, to take off. To his surprise, the soft body on him slid off to the right. The rope on his muzzle tightened as his captor swung underneath his head, giving him a flash of white and brown as they came up the other side. With his speed, he realized they were moving very fast as they came underneath his left wing and up. Feeling the rope trailing after his captor, he automatically snapped his wings flat against his body as the rope tightened, pinning it to the side.

Clouds stumbled, the captured wing unbalancing him. He tried to regain his footing, but the one extended wing created too much drag and he fell. He managed to pull it back as fast as he could as he spun around, the rope somehow wrapping around him as his attacker ran along his body, avoiding his weight and the ground.

Dust rose up as Clouds rolled to a halt, his back on the ground, his feet in the air. One wing was tied tightly to his side, as was two of his feet. The rope seemed to be everywhere, pinning him down as he felt something land lightly on his chest. Blinking through the dust, he peered down until it cleared.

It was Gain.

The sexy rabbit was grinning as she held the rope in her left hand. One of his eyes followed it, seeing how she managed to tie up half his limbs in his fall. Her bare feet balanced lightly on his chest as she giggled, the same tiny bell noise of amusement. Her apron was scuffed, colored with dirt and dust, and she was panting softly. Clouds watched as her breasts pressed against the inside of the apron in slow movements, the nipples tenting out of the canvas that covered her body.

She took a deep breath, her chest swelling for a moment before she crouched down, the hem of her apron teasing his chest scales. She reached up with her right hand to loosen the muzzle.

“Is that you… Clouds?”

“Uh… hi?”

Gain giggled softly, “Were you trying to sneak up on me again?”

He could feel himself blushing, a dark green color across his scales. He twisted slightly in his bounds, wondering where she got so much rope. His other eye focused on her left hand, which was white to the fingertips. He frowned, but then the lure of her voice brought his attention to her.

“And what was your,” she giggled again, “plan if you caught me.”

A rapid series of sexual fantasies flashed through his mind. He clamped his mouth down to prevent himself speaking as he felt the heat growing between his rather captured legs. Just the sight of her, the curves of her breasts visible on the edges of the apron, were enough to remind himself of his innermost thoughts.

“Uh…” Nothing else would come out.

Gain giggled again and stood up straight. She tugged lightly on the rope and turned around slowly. Her eyes seemed to catch at the swell inside his sheath, his thoughts betrayed by his body.

“Ah…” Clouds felt the blush growing across every scale on his body as she spoke, “I think I have an idea.”

She turned back around, still holding the rope. She grinned at him before stepping back. She raised one bare foot and stroked a toe along the entire length of his sheath. He felt such a powerful surge of heat that the very tip of his cock peeked out from the sheath before he could stop himself. Her words came softly, serious.

“You know, you are too big for me… right?”

Clouds felt a sinking sensation in his heart. He was large, fully hard he was easily a meter in length and probably as thick as her delectable waist. But… he wanted her. He groaned softly and sighed.


“Not to mention, you seem to be rather tied up.”

Clouds pouted, it wasn’t suppose to be like that. His eye caught a smile crossing her expression, before quickly hiding behind a serious face he suspected wasn’t as serious as it looked. Inside, he couldn’t help feeling a little bit of hope. Her eyes flashed up to his ears and he realized one of them had flipped up with his desire.

Gain continued, drawling out her words, “And nothing like a helpless dragon to really get my spirits up.”

“Helpless-” He started to speak before the sane (and utterly hopeful) part of his mind stopped him: Stop talking!

She paused, to see if he continued. Her foot stroked along the side of his sheath, teasing it even more until it felt like it would explode. The thick tip of his shaft came out completely, a spear of pleasure as thick as her leg. She brushed her feet clear of the dust on his stomach before sliding the soft fur of her feet up along his length, teasing the hot red length and curling one toe against the most sensitive section. He moaned, arching his back as he felt her delicate ministrations making it even harder to remain still.

Clouds moaned loudly, a deep rumbling noise as he closed his eyes for just a few seconds. When he opened them, she giggled again.

“Well… maybe I should enjoy my catch, hrm?”

Her foot slipped off his member and he almost groaned from the growing pleasure. But, the sight of her walking along his stomach, her light body barely registering through his scales. Her left hand kept holding the rope as she padded down to the base of his sheath, then turned around, straddling it. Her apron brushed against his engorged member as he moaned again, the though of her naked body underneath the apron almost too much. His member slipped out even more, about half of his length.

With a wry smile, the bunny of his dreams lowered herself to her knees on his stomach, sliding the thick ridge of his sheath up between the legs he could only dream of seeing and pressing up against the moist center of her sex. Clouds almost thought his cock would shoot out as it surged forward, liters of precum oozing out and splashing down on his stomach.

Gain let out a tiny, delicate moan herself as she started to rock back and forth on his bulge, sliding her sex up and down the outside of his sheath. It felt intense, the tiny focus of hidden heat, his eyes begging to see beyond the apron that only gave hints of her snowy white fur as she slide back and forth.

It wasn’t for a few moments that he realized she was sliding up, moving only a few dozen centimeters with each stroke, but her body was rocking along his length, moving toward the redness, where his cock was fully out and pouring precum on his stomach.

He moaned, loud and rumbling as he tried to shift his legs. Clouds never wanted it to end as she moved forward, her right hand reaching down to balance herself. The feeling of the soft, delicate fur against his bare cock sent a thick surge of clear liquid oozing down, leaving a river of precum to course down his stomach on both sides of his aching cock.

At the first touch of her hot sex against the bare skin of his shaft, he almost exploded again. Resisting the urge, he buried his free claws into the ground, squeezing tightly to avoid falling over the sudden edge of pleasure. Even though his aching shaft felt like steel, that hot touch of her naked and slick sex against his throbbing member sent bolt of pleasure growing. She smiled as she continued to rock back and forth, now slicked by their combined juices as she rubbed along the thick veins of his member. He leaned forward as far as possible, staring at the apron as it swished back and forth, giving him tantalizing glances of her hips, her legs, her side. Her breasts were hidden, but he could see the two peaks of her nipples against the fabric and the surprisingly intense heat between her legs.

By the time she rocked her way almost to the very top, Clouds was shaking to avoid orgasming. He felt his balls boiling with the need, his shaft aching with every movement as she grew closer and closer to his tip. Even though she was obviously too small, he started to pray to any god who listened to enter her, to feel her wonderful body around his scale-hard cock.

“Are you going to come?” Her breath was panting from her own excitement, but Clouds couldn’t answer. Every effort was spent to prevent himself, he could feel the brilliant heat of pleasure starting to inch up his shaft, the desire to explode growing so powerful it left him shaking.

She gasped as she moved further, the apron dropped down in front of his shaft. Only a few more centimeter and he would feel her body, that most private of places against the very ridge of his member.

Please, oh, please!

Gain smiled as if she could read his thoughts and leaned forward. He felt the slickness of her sex, the puffy folds hidden from view, sliding down, closer to his tip. She leaned forward, almost crouching as she came forward. His entire world focused on that brief moment as he felt the very tip of his wedge-like cock slide up between her legs, poised for just a heartbeat as if he was going to enter her.

It was too much.

With a roar that ground his muzzle against the loose rope around it, he finally let go. The first powerful explosion of cum caught Gain right between the legs, her almond-colored eyes widening as it burst against her. She was pushed forward from the blow and the second came out like a hose against her back, soaking her fur instantly with the huge jet of orgasm. Gain’s knees slipped on the precum and she slid down as the third came out, splashing hard against her back. Clouds’ life seem to come in slow motion as the force of his orgasm brought a wave of cum up her back, soaking every centimeter and sending a wave of it over her bare shoulders. He felt the heat spiking as a thick glob oozed down her front, disappearing behind the apron between her soft breasts.

He came again hard as Gain slid down, this time between his cock and chest, neatly avoiding impaling herself. He could feel her back sliding along his cock, her legs spreading further apart as she slid into the crevice between his cock and stomach. Her fingers dragged through the pools of cum on his stomach as she settled down, her legs spread around the base of his shaft. Clouds looked down, his vision clouded with lust, to see the valley of her breasts and the huge wave of cum that seemed to flood through it. Every inch of her was soaked as more cum poured out, soaking her entire body with the thick fluid. He watched her eyes, wide with surprise but… also joy and it made only more come out, each burst of his orgasm feeling like a fire hose with the intensity.

It seemed to last hours, waves of cum soaking her, filling the valley of her breasts until it was shimmering smooth from his vision. Then, his orgasm started to subside. A few more jets splashed out, dropping wetly to the ground and he shook from the sensations that slowly faded from inside, the afterglow of an intense orgasm no masturbation could ever meet.

Silence pooled around them. Nature giving them a silent applause for the intensity. Clouds gasped, the rope around his muzzle sliding off from where he snapped it. He stared down at Gain, wondering if he went too far, or not far enough.

Then, laughter.

“Oh, my! You are impressive, Clouds!”

She slid off his cock, but the apron managed to hide her sex before she dropped to the ground. Clouds watched as thick rivers of cum poured down from the apron, leaving shimmering curtains of stick fluids that seemed to ooze out from around her breasts. Still laughing, Gain slide her hands up along her face, pushing the thick liquid away from her eyes and up her ears. Clouds noticed that was still holding the rope in her left hand.

When she released her ears, they drooped, heavy with his cum. For a brief moment, he saw one of her nipples, bright pink even coated in his juices. Just the sight of that hidden view was enough to send a hesitant bolt of pleasure along his shaft.

Gasping, Gain started to squeeze her ears dry, then seemed to think other.

“Well… that was the best hunt I’ve ever had.”

Her right hand slid underneath the apron and Clouds moaned as she stroked her breast, then shook her heavily dripping hand toward the ground.


Gain’s eyes seemed to sparkle, “Yeah, I’ve been wondering how long it would take for you to try hiding from me.”


“But, what? You tried to be quiet around a rabbit.” She giggled. “I heard you breathing while the cricket bitched you out.”


Gain turned around and slid her hands, one with the rope, down her side. Rivers of cum slid off her tight, delectable ass. It splashed on the ground wetly as she bent over, giving him just the briefest hints of her sex, soaked and matted, just a hint of pink between them before standing up. A small surge of precum burst out of his shaft at the sight of that hidden treasure.

She slowly turned around, her body still soaked and dripping. With a wry smile, she waved to Clouds.

“Better luck next time, Clouds. Maybe…” he held his breath as her smile grew wider, “Maybe you’ll catch me next time.”

Oh, I’m going to. The thoughts of doing more, including getting into that apron was too much. His cock, which started to grow limp, hardened instantly at the thought of catching her next time. Clouds barely noticed when Gain turned around and started up the road, trailing the rope behind her.

“Uh… Gain?”

She paused, a few meters away. Slowly, she turned around. He never thought she was more beautiful, dripping with cum, the smile on her lip and burning in her eyes.

“Yes, Clouds?”

He tested his bounds, but he was still trapped. Gain giggled and turned back, padding down the path. She held up her left hand for a moment, then snapped her fingers. The rope started to retract quickly, the knots coming undone in an instant as the rope was sucked up into her hand. He watched as the brown rope started to fade back into her hand, the chocolate color spreading until the last of the rope disappeared into her palm and her left once again matched the brown color of her right paw.

Clouds watched her until she disappeared around the bend. Scrambling to his feet, he carefully make sure he was properly balanced before taking a deep breath. His cock felt heavy, but the elation that burned in his chest was the brightest part of his entire day.

“Next time… Gain. I’m going to get you.” With a smile of his own, he raced in the other direction, his freed wings spreading for takeoff.

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