Bathhouse 2: Fanci's Coupon

As she pulled her heavy coat on, Fanci caught herself in the mirror right inside the apartment door. The face that looked back at her was neither smiling nor happy. Instead, it was just there, muted with the lack of energy she felt clear in her bones. Black curly hair, dusted with white age, descended down to her shoulders but no further. Her wrinkles continued to spread across her face, clinging to the parts she hated the most, despite her best efforts.

One of the parts she hated the most in the mirror were the eyes the color of summer mud, greenish-brown. There was no joy left in them, no happiness she remembered so well.

Buttoning the wine-colored coat tightly, she called out as she opened the front door.

“I’m leaving!”

A dull, grumbling voice called out from the bedroom.


Fanci fought against the tightness in her chest.


“How long?”

She could feel her voice growing curt, but her husband never noticed.

“Couple hours.”

“Grab something to drink on your way back!”

It was the first understandable thing he bellowed. She scoffed at his obsession with drinking as she finished the last button. Fanci threw herself out of the apartment and slammed the door shut. She barely made it a few steps before spinning around. Cracking open the door, she grabbed a tiny piece of paper from a table near the door and shut it again. As she walked away into the autumn morning, she confirmed the paper was real.

It was a coupon written on parchment. In elegant writing, it proclaimed that the redeemer of the coupon was entitled to a one hour massage from the Bathhouse on Bottle, one of the new bathhouses in Boron. Even with Boron’s reputation for incredible hot springs, the Bathhouse had gained a great deal rumors because of the exclusive clientele. Only the rich had access to the Bathhouse and somehow she managed to get a coupon. Holding it tightly, she scurried down the street toward the bathhouse.

It took her some time to find the Bathhouse, but soon she was standing outside of the impressive white building. Carved into the outer walls, which stretched the entire length of the block, were detailed scenes of the forest. The detail was stunning, even in the jaded eyes of Boron. From the intricate lines in the leaves to the artistic swells of the river, it almost took her breath way.

But, a cutting wind that tugged at her coat finally chased her into the glass door in front. Inside, she was surprised at the tiny entry hallway which lead to a small office. The impressive side outside didn’t even hint at the office barely twice her height with a frail-looking desk in the middle. Behind the desk was another door, carved into the likeness of the Franome Tree, the colossal tree that grew over the capital city.

Behind the desk was a young woman, barely pushing twenties years compared to Fanci’s forty winters. She was also beautiful. Reddish brown hair almost poured down her shoulders. Green eyes, the color of spring, looked up at her and the perfect lips curled into a smile. Fanci could already feel her stomach tightening as the girl behind the desk stood up, depressing her with the lithe body that spoke of money and youth. Perky breasts begged for attention below the translucent fabric that draped her body. A belt artfully drew it in, yanking Fanci’s attention toward the juncture of the trim thighs below.

With a great deal of effort, she waded through her own feelings to take the offered hand. Firm, the young woman’s hand was smooth and graceful as it withdrew.

“Welcome to the Bathhouse on Bottle, the newest luxury establishment in Boron.”

Flustered, Fanci suddenly found herself unable to speak clearly. Her fingers clutched to the coupon for a moment as she stuttered.

“I-I… have a coupon!”

Her voice was louder than she was expecting it to be and she blushed a bright red. The smile on the young woman’s face didn’t fade as she took the coupon gently from the clutching fingers and spread it out on the desk between them. Tracing a finger along the writing, she smiled again.

“Welcome, I am Aini, the owner and proprietress of this establishment.”

Stunned at the youth of the owner, Fanci could say nothing. Instead, she looked away and stuffed her hands deep into the pockets of her coat. Aini stepped around the desk and slide one hand into Fanci’s pocket. The older woman’s blush grew even redder as she stared down, feeling Aini’s fingers wrapping around hers and lifting them from the pocket.

“I… uh…”

Aini just beamed a smile toward her and guided her to the door behind the desk. Fanci let herself be led by the beautiful Aini through the door and down a hallway. Inside, the smells of water and perfume washed over her, teasing her senses. Splashing and giggling drifted down the hall, from open archways ahead of her. The walls themselves were painted in intricate detail of a nature scene.

Guiding her further down the hall, Aini barely glanced through each archway as they passed. Fanci also peeked, then quickly looked away at the sight of naked men and women. In the brief look, she only saw perfect bodies, firm breasts, and more than a few penises. Blushing, she forced herself to stare forward as Aini took her down one hallway, then another.

They were reaching the corner of another hall when a man turned around the corner. Fanci stared at him in shock, at the naked flesh and sizable cock dangling between his legs. Her lips parted in shock, her eyes riveted on the semi-hard length he was obviously proud of. Aini giggled and drew her past, but not soon enough for Fanci to avoid seeing the look on his face. Disgust and distaste glared back at her as he made an obvious show of looking her over, then looking away as they past.

Fanci’s blush grew on her cheeks and she looked at the ground. Aini guided her to a door and gently opened it. Inside, Fanci got her first look at a room tiled in entirely in jade. The scene was from the branches of a tree, the Franome Tree, as it looked over the city below. The detail of the walls were stunning, beyond the skill of artist Fanci was aware of. The center of the room was dominated by an immense tub, already brimming with steaming water.

With a gentle hand, Aini slid an arm around Fanci’s waist and guided the shocked woman into the room. Shutting the door behind her, Aini gestured to the large, jade-lined room.

“This is the Jade Room, one of our most elegant rooms.”

Fanci could only stare in shock for a long moment, admiring the details and intensity of the scene before she managed to closer her mouth.

“It’s… beautiful.”

Aini smiled as she stepped around the tub. Fanci could see her bare feet, almost as stunning as the scene around her. Aini spoke after a moment as she stopped next to a padded table.

“It was done by our resident artist.”

“He is very talented.”

A faint smile. “Yes… he is.”

Her words drew Fanci’s attention to her and the older woman stared at the table. Aini patted it playfully.

“You just need to take your clothes off and lie down on here.”

Growing warming, Fanci’s blush threatened to strangle her. Aini’s smile was warm and comforting. Fanci’s fingers curled up as she looked helplessly around the room, her thoughts drifting to those outside.

“Here? Is… it… private?”

Aini padded over gracefully and took both of Fanci’s hands. Pulling her to the table, she giggled softly.

“Don’t worry. This is a private room, no one except you and the masseuse will ever enter.”

“What about you?”

Beaming, Aini giggled, “Of course, but I won’t be back.”

Reaching the table, Aini reached up and began to unbutton Fanci’s coat. The older woman blushed and frantically pushed her own fingers in the way.

“I-I can do this.”

A sly smile flashed across the girl’s face, “Good. He’ll be here in a few moments. Lie down on your stomach, use the towels to cover yourself.”

She pointed to a pile of towels at one end of the table before padding away. Fanci watched her leave, the tight ass swaying slightly before the door closed behind the owner of the bathhouse. She stared at the door for a long moment before her fingers resumed removing the heavy coat.

Underneath, she cringed as the coat slipped to the ground. Underneath, her simple outfit hung off her hips, hiding the breasts underneath the thick fabric. She hesitated for a moment before her fingers worked the laces around the neck. After a few moments, she managed to slip the fabric to the ground.

She was naked underneath, but there was nothing she liked about herself. Her hips were too wide, more so than her breasts. Barely hand-sized, they hung down heavily, weighted down with too many years. Her eyes glanced down, to the swell of her tummy. It stuck out too far for her tastes. In fact, it felt like her entire body despised her with every fiber of its being.

Feeling depression filling her, Fanci forced herself to crawl on the table, surprised at the warm leather over it. It sunk with her weight, holding her in firm comfort. She spent a few moments to get comfortable before she placed a towel over her buttocks. To her surprise, the leather continued to cradle her, holding her in warm pressure across every part of her body.

Sighing happily, she closed her eyes and tried not to think of someone touching her. Instead, she focused on the scent of leather, the feel of the moist air against her back, and even the whisper of breeze that drifted across her body. Letting herself sink even further into the padded table, she closed her eyes and relaxed.

She waited.

Fanci didn’t realize she had fallen asleep in the warmth until the touch of a towel being placed over her head woke her. The soft sensations of slick fingers stroked along her back, tracing up her spine before working the muscles Fanci gasped from the sensations, rippling along her naked back in warm movements. Every touch, every stroke seemed to find a point of tightness deep inside her, easing it until it released.

Her toes curled from the intensity of the fingers, each one working further along her sides, never hesitating or recoiling from disgust. A soft moan escaped her lips as they continued to work at the base of her spine, her shoulders. Where the oiled fingers massaged, they left only a soft pleasure of warmth behind.

Fanci could barely open her eyes, much less move, as the fingers moved even lower, skipping her towel-covered parts to work on her legs. Hot and sensual, they stroked along her dimple-covered thighs. Stroking and rubbing, the slick fingers worked at her muscles, finding places Fanci didn’t realize were tense. As they were coaxed into releasing, she gasped from the sensations that rippled up her legs. The heated warmth of the fingers was enough to stir parts of her that slept for a long time. A tiny blossom of warmth began to grow inside her, tingling along her inner thighs and perking her nipples.

She tried to fight it, to force herself not to respond, but the warm slickness stroking at her legs moved down to her feet. Each finger felt like it was curling around her toes, finding sensitive places without tickling. Heat and intense sensations bolted up her spine, spreading out to every part of her body. She was barely conscious of her body moving against the leather, writhing slightly as the fingers worked the soles of her feet. More pleasure curled away from the massaging fingers as they released the tightness in her heals, her toes, and even the edges of her foot.

As they finished, Fanci was barely able to prevent herself from wiggling against the leather. Her hips were rising and lowering, a soft rocking motion that barely squeaked the leather. Even as she felt the blush growing inside her, her mind refused to stop her movement.

When she felt a firm pressure against her feet, guiding her to rotate, she did. Her eyes opened as she did, but the towel was dragged along her face, keeping them covered as she turned around. She started to tense as she felt the warm air brushing against her breasts, but a towel was placed across them before they ever left the leather; another towel was placed across her hips to protect them from the masseuse’s eyes.

Before she finished moving, the oil-slicked fingers were already working up her legs, stroking the tense muscles in continual movements. In a few short breaths, the growing heat was filling her body. Soft movement of her hips brought a flush her to cheeks as she desperately tried to stop them.

They refused.

Instead, she felt tiny whimpers vibrating in her throat as the fingers moved up to her stomach. Hot fingers stroked against her belly, tracing the lines in sensual strokes that only ignited the burning heat deep inside her. Instead of the fear of someone touching her, the fingers only brought more heat to her skin. Every part the fingers eased felt incredibly relaxed and hot. Those sensations spread out across her body, in time with the gentle rocking of her hips and the tiny whimpers of pleasure that were now escaping her throat.

Fanci’s body writhed against the leather as the fingers stroked her shoulders and collarbone. They were intensely hot against her skin, moving with oiled slickness along the tightness of her chest and along the upper swells of her breasts.

Her body still pressing up against the fingers, Fanci could only moan as the fingers worked at her body. Heated points of pleasure spread out over her entire body, touching her from her head to her toes. Fanci was gasping from the sensations, her entire body writhing from the intense heat that boiled deep inside her.

Then she realized there were too many fingers.

She bolted straight up, but her oil-slick body slid along the leather. She barely had a flash of something gray flashing across her vision before her body slipped toward the edge of the table. A shriek ripped out of her throat, but the fingers rubbing her wrapped around her, stretching longer than a human could every could. The leather underneath disappeared, but she didn’t fall to the ground. Instead, she felt her entire body being cradled by hundreds of the hot fingers.

Panting, she cracked open one eye, expecting anything but what she saw. A tendril, as thick as her little finger as wrapped around her wrist. More of them were wrapped down both of her arms. The tendrils were translucence, with a faint green shine from the jade reflections.

She was beginning to hyperventilate as she glanced down, to hundreds of more tendrils that were holding her legs and waist off the ground. The hot sensations wrapped around her body were almost too much as she panted in an effort to control her breath.

Then she realized that more tendrils were holding the towels against her breasts and hips, keeping her covered even as they held her above the ground. The shaking fear that throbbed inside her was slightly abated by the realization that the tendrils were doing nothing, just holding her.

“Uh… hello?”

She blushed fiercely, talking to the gray tendrils wrapped around her body, but she could do nothing while being carried. The tendrils quivered and she felt herself being gently placed back on the leather table. Fanci could only watch for a moment as the tendrils pulled away, slipping slickly away from her legs and pulling toward the pool in the center. Her eyes followed them, where a thick mass of tendrils as thick as her waist were sinking in the center drain.

Feelings of loss ripped through her and Fanci felt herself reaching out for them, “Wait!”

The tendrils stopped pulling into the drain and held there, waving like flowers in the wind. Fanci pulled back her hand, pressing the towels against her breast to prevent it from falling.


One tendril reached out, slipping through the air to brush against her hand. Fanci watched it in fascination, feeling the slickness as it wrapped around her finger, stroking slowly in heated movements.

“Are… are you…?”

Fanci realized she didn’t know what she was asking, but the tendril responded to the question as another stroked up, sliding along her thigh in heated slickness. It found a muscle that was already tensing up and started to rub against it, easing it back into a relaxed state. Fanci stared at both tendrils in rapt fascination before she finally found the words.

“Will you hurt me?”

More tendrils reached out for her, wrapping around her waist, arms, and ankles. There was no malice in their touch, just a warm heat as they began to work once again against her skin. Fanci gasped as they stroked harder, hundreds of slick movements against her body. Watching, she could feel their touch as they moved against her inner thighs, arms, and even her stomach. A strange feeling grew inside her as the tendrils moved against her belly, never hesitating as they teased the swells while others kept the towel against her hips.

Soon, she was writhing once again under their touch. This time, her eyes were wide as her hips rocked against the tendrils, pushing and pulling as they teased up higher against her towel. It felt good, almost powerfully so, as the heat pouring off the tendrils dripped into her skin. Fanci noticed that each tendril was thinly coated in a slick substance, but that only enhanced the oiled movements against her skin.

Fanci realized she was panting softly as the tendrils wrapped slickly around her legs, slipping up higher on her thighs. The towel was moved slightly as she felt the heated movements against her inner thigh, slowly making their way toward her hips. At the same time, more tendrils wrapped around her waist, increasing the heat as they twisted and writhed against her skin, slipping up toward her breasts.

Her nipples were already hard, peaking through the towel from the intense heat boiling inside her. Gasping, she watched as the towel around her breasts shifted and moved, tendrils slipping underneath to caress at her sensitive skin. Fanci gasped as the slickness as it brushed against the sides of her body, wrapping around her breasts in hot waves of pleasure. Tendril tips, intense with heat, trailed up to her nipples, wrapping around them as they grew even harder. She gasped from the sensations as more tendrils curled around her, holding her swells firmly as the tips teased her nipples.

Fanci’s fingers curled up into the tendrils as her back started to arch from the sensations of being touched in hundreds of places. Her breasts felt like they were on fire, massaged by the slick tendrils in rolling waves of pleasure.

Her hips were rocking against the tendrils, feeling supported and slick at the same time. Soft whimpers of pleasure pushed out of her throat as her body writhed even more against the tendrils. They continued to heatedly rub her, coating her body in oiled slickness. Fanci’s fingers clenched and unclenched into the twisting vine of the tendrils which lifted her slightly to support her.

She barely felt herself being lifted from the leather table as a single tendril with its burning hot tip started to make its way up her inner thighs, teasing the delicate flesh as it wrapped into the short hair above her sex. She could already feel the heat buried insider beginning to grow, intensified by the tendrils that made their way toward the seam of her being.

It wasn’t until the first touch against her sex that Fanci gasped loudly. It was hot and slick and everything she had forgotten about. The tiny finger-width tendril quickly nuzzled its way into her sex, worming its way past her folds to tease at the opening of her body. Another gasp quickly followed as a second, then a third, tendril eased its way into her, gently drawing her labia apart as they poised at the entrance of her sex.

The scent of her excitement began to fill the air, mixed with the sounds of tiny gasps for breath. Hundreds of tendrils were still stroking every part of her body, including the hot points teasing the hard nubs of her nipples. Both towels were forgotten, fluttering wetly to the ground as she arched her back at the sensation of a tendril slowly wiggling its way deeper into her body, into the heated depths of her sex.

Fanci moaned loudly, her body wiggling and rocking against her lover as more tendrils eased their way into her body, spreading out against her inner walls as they curled up into her depths. The sensations were indescribable as Fanci struggled to breath, the feeling of half a dozen tendrils wiggling up inside her, stroking against the inner walls of her sex. More of them pressed up against her slicked entrance, worming their way into wiggling sensations that surprised her with the burning sensations of pleasure that burst deep inside her.

Her first orgasm, a burst of muted pleasure, was almost consumed by the fire before Fanci realized she was experiencing it. The almost forgotten sensations grew up inside her, a heated pleasure that burst like a bubble, leaving the feelings of hunger burning inside her.

The tendrils continued to wiggle into her, filling her with the sensations of wiggling pleasure and growing heat. A soft slurping noise spread out from her body as some of the tendrils slid out, then plunged back into her. She gasped from the sensations as more tendrils slid in and out of her body, none of the moving at the same time as they pushed deep inside her with wiggling heat before slipping out.

Soon, she was spasming on the tendrils, her entire body writhing inside the slick members holding her above the ground. Intense waves of pleasure burst inside her, popping through her senses like hundreds of delicate bubbles. Her mouth opened in shock, but only a long wail of pleasure slipped out.

More pleasure burst inside her, each one set off by one of the tendrils twisting inside her, filling her up with heated movements. They rolled through her, pumping and stroking until she was almost unconscious with the supreme pleasure.

One by one, the tendrils started to slip out of her, leaving a long drawing pleasure as they escaped her sex. Soon, she realized they were completely drawing out of her, leaving her body slick with sweat and oil.

Whimpering, her legs quivered as the last tendril slipped out of her, leaving an empty void deep inside her sex. The tendrils continued to caress her, holding her off the ground as she felt every part of her body being stroked. The tendrils stroking her breasts to continued to tease her nipples until they almost ached with a hungry need.

A whimper still at her lips, she looked around frantically. The tendrils wrapped around her body turned her until her hungry gaze fell on something that would finally fulfill her hunger.

It was immense, a rippling gray tentacle that curled almost two meters into the air. As thick as her wrist, it dripped with a thick layer of oil that splashed into the pool below. A soft whimper of need caught in Fanci’s throat as she stared at it; a fire deep inside her began to flare, filling her with intense need to feel it deep inside her.

As if responding to her thoughts, the tendrils drew her closer to the thick tentacle that pushed out from the center of the pool. It curled in the air, aiming a wedge-like tip toward the center of her sex. Gasping, Fanci’s hips rocked back and forth as she was drawn even closer. The large tip drew closer, an intense heat radiating from its length to kiss her inner thighs.

Fanci’s eyes were locked on the tentacle, her lips parted with rapture. As it nuzzled closer to her sex, she spread her legs even more. It rewarded her by pressing up against her opening, an immense thickness that dwarf anything she ever felt there before.

Her mouth opened to scream, but no sound came from it. Instead, she could only shake from the pleasures that assaulted her as the thick head wiggled and warmed its way into her opening, stretching it apart as the oiled heat worked deeper inside her. She could feel every twist of its length, every tiny shove as it worked even deeper into her body.

Fanci’s sex was stretched open by the wiggling slick member that pushed deep inside her. Her back arched from the intense hot sensations as the tentacle tip pushed into the inner chamber of her sex. Wet heat burst inside her as the tentacle pushed deeper, feeling her with one long sensation of being filled, of being pushed into, that vibrated deep into her body. The thick tentacle curled inside her, setting off an explosion of pleasure that spasmed through her body.

She screamed in pleasure, her entire body being held tightly by the tendrils as they held her steady for the powerful tentacle that curled deep inside her body. Then with a twist of movement, it pulled out. Fanci whimpered but there was barely enough time to make a noise before the thick head of the tentacle plunged back into her body, swamping her senses with a long powerful sensation of being filled, being thrust into. Heat and slickness burst inside you as the tentacle pulled out, then plunged back into her wet sex. The tendrils squeezed her tightly, holding her even tighter as the tentacle plunged in and out with powerful, wet strokes.

Fanci was assaulted by the pleasure of being filled, plunged to her limits by the immense tentacle rammed into her with constant explosions of pleasure. She could only scream out in pleasure, her entire body rocking and writhing from the ecstasy that consumed her. Each thrust felt like an orgasm, exploding in earth-shaking blasts that tore her breath way.

The tentacle was easily plunging into her then, pushed into her until it curled deep inside her sex, stretching out her inner walls with the thickness of the knotted member. Each thrust, every knot set of another series of explosion inside her body until she was shaking with the effort just to retain consciousness.

One thrust, more powerful than she thought possible, plunged deep inside her, shoving what felt like a meter of hot, slick flesh into her sex before something exploded deep insider her. The muted explosion of wetness flooded her insides. Her own body spasmed against, a final orgasm as the tentacle began a slow, agonizing withdrawal. Hot liquid, clear with white streaks, almost poured out of her sex as her lover pulled into the pool. The soft, withdrawing pleasure was tender in the afterglow of her orgasm.

Tendrils set her down gently in the pool and she gasped from the heated water that surrounded her. Whimpering, her body floated in the water, completely relaxed. All but one tendril disappeared into the drain. It waved to her for a moment and then it, too, slipped into the drain.

She was alone, but completely drained.

And relaxed.

Fanci rested her head on the edge of the pool and dozed, unable to find the energy to move or even twitch. Her breath slowed and she felt herself slowly falling asleep.

A soft hand on her shoulder woke her. Blinking, she looked up into the green eyes of Aini. The young woman smiled and sat next to her, dipping her feet into the pool.

“How was your massage?”

Fanci struggled for the words for a moment, her body still stretched out in the heated water.


The soft sigh of her voice surprised Fanci, but Aini giggled.

“I take it you enjoyed it.”

A faint blush started to cross Fanci’s cheeks and she looked down at the pool. Aini leaned forward and kissed the top of her head.

“We’ll also enjoy having you as a member.”

Fanci took a moment to respond, then she sputtered as she curled the legs underneath her body, “B-But, I’m not… beautiful enough.”

Aini laughed delicately, “You are. At least he didn’t mind.”

This time the blush didn’t stop and Fanci watch it crawl down her chest, almost to tease her nipples. She wrapped her arms around her breasts to protect them, but Aini’s laugh was not insulting. Warmth and comfort wrapped around Fanci as the young owner stood up.

“He’ll be here whenever you come back.”

“But… I can’t afford it.”

Aini stopped at the door, favoring her with a sly smile, “Oh, our local artist already paid for it. Welcome to the Bathhouse.”

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