Bathhouse 4: Mardoc's Bad Day

Mardoc tapped the end of his pencil on the paper as he frowned. A curl of almost black hair dropped down over his right eye and he pushed it aside, sighing unhappily. In front of him, spread out over a massive table was an intricate blueprint of a clockwork mechanism, thousands of times more complicated than a simple watch. Four spheres hung from the corners, filling the room with a soft white glow. A single streak of sunlight spread out over the corner of the print, from the only window in the dark office. The streak ended at a stack of papers, each one printed in the same detail as the larger blueprint. On the corner was the detail reference to the larger blueprint, when the large document could not contain enough information on an important mechanism or assembly.

The rest of his office was plain. One wall had a heavy wooden door and two bookcases. Thousands of papers and books filled the wooden shelves, most of them bristling with notes and colored pieces of paper. The other walls were blank and white, except for a single memorandum taped in the center of one wall. Vague words of “environment tidiness” and “professional appearance” filled the scrawling words, and yet it hung on the wall in a silent argument.

Grumbling to himself, Mardoc reached over and pull off the first few centimeters of the blueprint details and shuffled through them. Finding one in the middle, he carefully rested it on the master print and compared the details. His pencil marked out notes on the detail, highlighting a minor incompatibility between the master plan and the detail.

As he wrote, the door behind him opened quickly and rapped against the wall. Mardoc jumped as his manager filled the door and glared inside. Carefully setting down his pencil, Mardoc smiled warmly.

“Good morning, Stevin, how are you?”

“Lousy, I just had a very painful conversation with the Verasi Brothers. Did you send out the latest print to them?”

The smile faltered slightly. “Yes, it finished quality assurance and I had approval on it.”

Stevin’s voice was filled with frustration and annoyance, fingering a piece of paper in his hand. Mardoc’s eyes dropped down to it briefly, a sinking feeling growing in his stomach. Lifted his head, he looked back at the brown eyes of his manager. Stevin cleared his throat, glaring back.

“There was an error on one of the sub-diagrams and the mechanism is losing four seconds every day. For a bank vault, that is disastrous.”

Mardoc’s mood dropped slightly as he responded softly, “I’m sorry, I’m trying to finish-”

“Well!? Why do you keep making mistakes?”

Before Mardoc could respond, a young girl, in her twenties, stopped in the door. Stevin’s head turned to look at her and she looked away. Pushing in the door, she handed Mardoc a stack of papers. He briefly went over it before handing it back.

“Tell, Lauria that I finished that report and sent it to Stevin to look it over.”

Pointedly, he looked at his manager who shrugged it off.

“I’ll get it later.”

The girl spoke up, “Lauria said that the Franome Post needs this in the next bell.”

Stevin waved her off, “It can wait.”

“Yes, sir.”

The girl gave Mardoc a faint smile before disappearing back down the hall. Stevin shut the door and glared at Mardoc.

“The Verasi Brothers are sending back the prints. You are to fix them as soon as they come in, regardless of anything else.”

“Even the Franome Post and Sarion?”

“Sarion? Why are they still a priority?”

“Because corporate wants to save the account. It is worth three hundred thousand marks a year. I was told by Keri it was a priority.”

“Yes, but the Verasi is two million over the next five years, so it takes priority.”

Mardoc sighed, “Could I get some help with the Sarion account then?”

Instead of responding, Stevin opened the door and disappeared down the hall, in the same direction as the girl before. Mardoc watched the door for a moment, then started to stack up the papers. Ten minutes later, the massive blueprint was neatly filed away and he started to pull out a second one, almost as complicated. A fresh stack of detail prints came out, resting in the same spot as the previous ones. A few moments later, he was working on the new diagram. The lower corner had the Verasi Brother’s logo, right underneath the logo of his company.

The city bells rang out three times as he worked furiously on the paper, marking up notes. Every fifteen minutes or so, someone would come into his office, asking for a status on a different project or trying to get a task completed for their own deadlines. Mardoc helped them, setting down his pencil and working with a smile until they were back on track. Then, he returned back to the silent work of his own investigations, working alone in a silent office. He finally found the source of the problem, a single gear that was slightly mismatched. Grumbling, he marked the new gear ratio and began the tedious process of following the rest of the gears, trying to find any other mismatches. A scrawled list of corrections soon grew, along with updated diagrams and blueprints. Soon, the bells were ringing out across the city for the fourth time, marking the end of work day for most people.

Mardoc worked for another hour, tracing as many gears as possible. When he finished, he called out for one of the servant girls. The same one from before came into his office, with a faint smile on her lips. He smiled at her, enjoying the smile.

“Could you bring this to Lauria for testing?”

“I will be glad to.”

“Thank you.”

She paused as he gathered up the files, filled out a short report, and handed it to her. She ran out the door, to deliver it before she headed home. Mardoc grinned and began to put away his papers. As he was finishing, Stevin returned to the door, his face very serious.

“Mardoc, could I see you in my office?”

A faint prickle of discomfort filled Mardoc as he silently nodded. Padding behind, he followed Stevin down the empty hallways to the larger office. Inside was one of the human resource employees, sitting in one of the guest chairs. The feeling of discomfort exploded as he sat down. Stevin found his own chair, behind the wooden desk and promptly explained why Mardoc was fired for not performing his duties. Mardoc made an effort to claim he was overloaded, but since he couldn’t prove it on paper, there was nothing he could do but sit there. He could even see the sympathy in Stevin’s eyes, a shimmering of emotions, but there were forces above both of them and someone had to hang. Realizing this, he closed his mouth and signed the papers when told to. Pushing himself tiredly from the seat, he gave both of them a bow before going to collect his things.

Carrying the box with his personal stuff, including the tidiness memo, he walked down the streets of Boron, the City of Springs. Around him, the swarms of people filled the sidewalks, heading home on their own. He stopped at the local post office. The massive white building stood tall at the end of the street with thick streamers of people going in and out of the doors. Taking a deep breath, he entered the building to the hallways filled with thousands of metal doors. Finding his, Mardoc set down his box and dialed the combination. It clicked open. Peering inside, he found a single letter addressed to him.

Pulling it out, he opened it with the same tired resignation that filled him since he left work. Inside was a letter from the Bathhouse on Bottle, one of the exclusive bathhouses on the far side of town. A faint smile crossed his lips as he pulled out the ticket, made out to his wife, and the receipt from the purchase.

“Good thing I bought this last month. Won’t be able to afford it after today.”

His dark mood cheered up as he carefully tucked the ticket into his pocket and the receipt into the heavy box. Closing and locking his post box, he hefted his possessions and calmly walked out of the post office. The smile, faint but there, carried him as he followed the streets toward the residential parts of Boron. It was dark when he reached the street of his home, but his thoughts were brighter.

“It will work out. We can make it.”

He set down the box at his front door. Unlocking the door, he stepped inside. At the door frame, he paused as the feeling of wrongness exploded through him. Carefully stepping further into the hall, he brushed the crystal trigger. A faint sparkle of energy burst out from it and the three globes along the ceiling lit up with a soft yellowish glow. His hand drop down, to set the keys on the end table, but the keys never hit the wood. Frowning, he looked down. To his surprise, there was no end table. Slowly, he looked down the hall, at the peeling paint on the walls and the brighter squares where pictures used to hang.


His voice called out in the hall, echoing strangely against the hardwood floors. Leaving the door open, he stepped further into the hall, peering into empty rooms as he passed. Scuffs and scratches traced a story on the floor, where the heavy furniture was dragged out. Heavy bootprints even told him it was a large group of men, movers from the appearances. Even the kitchen was gone, the stone the only applicant left in the room. Calling out to his wife, Mardoc sprinted up the stairs, but each of those rooms were also empty.

Finally, he stopped at the master bedroom, which had a single blanket and pillow thrown in own corner. A letter, half-ripped, rested on the pillow, tilted as if it was thrown with a careless hand. Lips pressed tightly against each other, Mardoc slowly crept over to the letter and picked it up. His name was scrawled across it. Feeling the tears already in his eyes, he ripped it open and read the painfully short note.

Tears were dripping down his face when he finished. The final words of the letter, “I never loved you,” rang in his head and he felt himself falling to ground. His knees cracked against the wooden floor as he started to sob. The day’s stress tore at him, between being fired and having his wife of decades leaving him. Unable to handle it, he let the sobs tear at him until his chest screamed in agony. Pounding his fist into the ground, he felt the flesh bruise from the blow. Still sobbing, he pounded it again and again, until he felt the floor grow sticky with his blood and tears.

He woke up the next morning in pain. The pillow and blanket were tucked underneath his head, but he slept on the hard floor the entire night. Groaning, he stretched out on the floor and felt the letter skitter along the floor. Refusing to look at it, he scrambled to his feet. One shoe rested against the door frame while the other was thrown against the other side of the wall. He caught sight of the letter and forced himself to step away. Bare feet brushed against the stairs as he headed down the stairs. Seeing the front door open, he sighed unhappily and peered outside. His box, possessions from the office, was filled with water from a late night storm. The memo floated on the top.

Feeling things about to slip away, Mardoc simply shut the door, leaving the box outside. Feeling drained, he made a circuit of the house to make sure she was really gone. She even took the food, but he finally found his other clothes in the garbage out back. Pulling them out, he brushed off the worse of the dust and garbage. Changing his clothes in the kitchen, he went out for some groceries and to look for a job. He found the groceries, but not a job. After sleeping restlessly that night, he went out again. Every night, he remained unemployed, favoring a growing pit of depression that filled his nights. Every day for two weeks he left that door and every day he came back more depressed and with less money.

By the end of the month, he was barely operating: waking up in the morning, going out for jobs, and coming home without hope. One evening, he was sitting on the floor, eating food and staring at his bank statement. The depressingly small number at the bottom was enough for him to stop eating and consider his options. For a brief moment, he considered just giving up and stop eating. It would at least save him a little money before he starved to death.

“I’m an clockwork engineer! Why can’t I find a job?”

Slapping down the bowl on the ground, he stood up, looking around the bare walls of his house. Finding no solace, he wandered through the empty rooms, hearing his feet echo against the wood floors. Finally, his wandering brought him up to the master bedroom, which he avoided almost entirely since the first night. His eyes caught sight of his outfit, unsuitable for job interviews. In a flash, he remembered the ticket for the Bathhouse on Bottle.

“May be I can get a refund.”

Almost running over, he pulled out the ticket, which was worth a couple thousand marks, almost half of his original paycheck. Running down the stairs, skipping a few steps at a time, he ran out the back door and started to dig through the half-dissolved box of his office possessions. He found the receipt, water-logged and the word barely readable. Finding hope, at at least a little money for a few more weeks, he gathered up his stuff and set out for the Bathhouse.

The Bathhouse on Bottle was in the poor district of town, across from a small book and coffee shop. He paused in front of it, looking at the books and startled at the price of some of them. Compared to the area, with the mud-filled roads and barely held together walls, the bookstore was priced for the upper districts of town. Across the street, the Bathhouse was white stone, glowing compared to the buildings around it. It would even outshine the postal offices, if they were next to each other. The building was windowless, with an immense mural covering every inch of the outer walls. The green images appeared to be made of jade and green, a stark contrast to the colorful murals that covered much of the city.

At one corner of the building, a heavy wooden door led into the depths. Mardoc stepped across the street and to the door. It tingled as he opened it, signs of a powerful ward of some sort. Opening the door, he found himself in a very small room. Another heavy door, the same color of wood, dominated the far end of the room. In the middle was a large desk, covered in a few papers. Behind the desk was an attractive woman with a reddish brown hair and deep green eyes looked at him, a smile on her lips. Mardoc paused for a moment, to stare at her in surprise. She was wearing a simple outfit, almost a tunic, but the cut of the fabric and the belt managed to show off the incredible curves of her body and the swells of her breasts. For a brief moment, he wondered what it would be like to have her in his life, but then he realized he was staring.

Clearing his throat, he slipped into the room. His hand pulled out the ticket and receipt automatically.

“Uh… could I get a refund for this?”

She took his, her soft hands brushing against his for a moment, and peered at it. When she spoke, it was in a soft, almost high-society voice.

“I’m sorry, this was bought on sale.”

“I… I know, I was hoping you could make an exception.”

He could see into the green depths of her eyes, but when she shook her head, he felt his hopes plummet into the bottom of his stomach. Mardoc took a deep breath, feeling the tears starting to form. He pressed one hand down on the desk, letting his head hang. As he fought against the tears, he felt her walking around to standing next to him. A gentle hand rested on his shoulder and he tore his eyes away from the desk to look into the sea-green eyes brimming with compassion.

“What happened?”

Even as he resolved to say nothing, he felt the sobs threatening to break out.

“I… I… lost my job.” With those simple words, the rest of his story came flooding out. His struggles to do his job, even with the struggles of doing too much, led into the troubles at home, with his wife. And finding out that she left him on the day that he was fired was almost too much to bear. By the time he talked about trying to find a job, he was sitting in a chair and didn’t even realize how he got there. He finished up with him looking up at her, with pleading eyes and sniffing back to tears. The girl smiled softly at him and picked up the ticket.

Hopes started to rise, but she handed it back to him with a faint smile.

“I think you need to use this.”

Mardoc stared at her for a moment, “No… I need the money. Please-”

“No, you need this.”


She smiled and wrapped his fingers around the ticket. “You are stressed and this is what the Bathhouse is for.”

“About the money…?”

Her smile widened, “I insist. You need this more than money.”

Mardoc’s voice trailed off softly, confusion burning in his throat, “How… how could I survive…?”

She shook her head, “Things have a way of working out.”

The girl favored him with another smile, “So, please use this ticket and relax.”

Mardoc stared down at the ticket in his hand. Opening his fingers slowly, he stared at the gold-gilt edges and metallic writing. In neat hand-writing was Glinnie’s name and below it was his. The feeling of being torn in half returned, but it was muted with his expended tears. For a long moment, he stared at it, flipping it over before looking up at the girl.

“How do I use this?”

Her smile broadened and she held out her hand, the dark-green tipped fingernails glinting in the light of the room. He held his breath and set it down, brushing his fingers against her smooth palm. She took the ticket and held it out to the door. The door began to vibrate for a moment, then cracked open. For a brief moment, he saw the sparkle of magic dribbling off the wood before it swung open. The ticket flared into a greenish flame and disappeared with the smell of roses. She gestured down the hall.

“Tenth door on the right, you can’t miss it.”

“Uh… what do I do?”

A grin. “Enjoy yourself, there is a hot tub in there. Someone will be coming to check on you in a bit.”

“Uh… you?”

Her smile widened, “Maybe.”

Blushing, he stepped through the door and felt it close behind him. The smells of a bath, heady perfumes and scents, flooded around him as he stepped down the hall. Inside, the dampness was almost overwhelming, but comforting. Green mosaics covered every surface, some of them that presented incredible scenes from history and legend. One even portrayed the fall of Nikor a few years back and the destruction of his harsh controls over the city. After his fall, many of the bathhouses and pleasure houses popped up, many on the magical springs that gave Boron its reputation and name.

Mardoc continued down the hall, freezing as he heard giggling. A woman, wearing nothing but a smile, stepped into the hallway. In one hand, she had an empty bottle of wine pressed against her large breasts. Gasping, he looked down at the ground as she pranced past him. He caught a faint view of her pubic hair, a dark brown, as she past. Keeping his eyes down, he walked past.

The tenth door came up soon afterwards and he opened the door. Inside was a room filled with jade mosaics. The scene was of a forest growing with every type of plant he could imagine. One corner of the room was a deep tub, steaming with heated water. The mosaic above the tub was a marsh where the dragonflies almost appeared to be alive because of the attention to detail and color contrasts. Even though the room only had green and more green, it somehow gave the impression of being more real than reality itself.

Closing the door behind him, he made a circle around the room. The smells from the hot tub were pleasant, enhancing the jade sensations of the room. A heavy bench dominated one wall. He stopped there and stripped off his clothes, staring at the door the entire time. It didn’t open once, so he finished and stood up straighter. The room had no mirrors, but the tiny reflections that looked back from each piece of jade or crystal gave him at least a small view.

He was not the tallest, nor the shortest, man he knew. About 1.7 meters, he was just a few years past “fit” and into the “comfortably large.” His soft penis was a knot of flesh between his legs, with springs of dark hair sprouting off it. The rest of him was soft, without the hardness of a body-builder or even someone who visited the gym more than a couple times of year. Flipping at the dark hair on his head, he felt self-conscious and padded over to the pool of water. The textured steps of the tub felt as strange as the heated water that felt more like silk than water. Sighing, he waded into the water and sank down, letting the heat wash over him. The softness of the water lapped up against his skin, smelling faintly of exotic plants and perfumes. To his surprise, the edge of the pool was padded with some sort of waterproof cloth, but it gave the appearance of being solid jade.

Moaning softly, he rested his head on the edge of the pool and took a deep breath. His body started to float slightly and he closed his eyes. After a few moments, he sat up and sighed.

“I’m not feeling this.”

His voice echoed against the walls of the private room, sounding strangely hollow. He looked around sheepishly before sinking back into the water. For a brief moment, he considered dressing again and asking for his money, but the ticket was gone and he was already in the water. His eyes closed tightly as he stretched out into the water.

“Might as well try again.”

Balancing on his neck, he stretched even further out, until his entire body was floating in the heated slickness of the water. His fingers swirled around in it, feeling it twisting and shifting in undulating waves. He tried to force himself to relax, not to think about his lack of job or lack of wife. Despite his efforts, his thoughts twisted back to the two sources of stress in his life. With a desperate effort, he dragged his thoughts down the spiral of depression. A faint image caught his attention and he smiled. It was of the girl in front, with her friendly smile and enjoyable body. His body started to respond to the thoughts, as he imagined her breasts and hips. With a twist of thought, he tried to imagine her naked, pink nipples tipping perky breasts. In the silky water, he felt his penis growing with the thoughts until his cock head swirled through the surface of the pool.

Mardoc smiled finally, a dull ache in his shoulders telling him exactly how stressed he was. Finding a good train of thought, he focused on the girl in the front, her body, her smile. He focused on her hips for a while, wondering what the hair between her legs would look like. Unlike the large-breasted woman in the hall, he expected her to actually match the hair on top. He brought another smile to his face and a hot surge through his cock as he tried to imagine her lips, slightly puffy and peeking out between her legs.

It took him a while to fix her image in his head, but his cock was already aching for a release. He left his hands floating in the water, trying to build up as detailed and wonderful image as possible. It took him a while to build it up and he began to imagine touching her, stroking hands against her smooth skin. As he imagined his hands brushing up to her nipples, he could almost feel her breath against his shoulder. Faint splashing noises filled the room as he shifted in position, briefly stroking against his raging hardness.

Enjoying the sensations, he released it and spread out again. His member was bouncing in the water and he returned to thinking about her, her lips kissing him against his legs, his arms. Slowly, he could force his imagination to have her kissing up, moving along his legs. Mardoc could feel his breath quickening as he imagined her lips pressing against his base, moving up to his shaft and slowly wrapping around his cock head. The heated warmth felt delicious against his skin as he thought about her bobbing down, sucking his shaft in a wet, slurping pleasure.

Moaning softly, he let his thoughts go, feeling her hands against his balls, holding them and stroking them as the lips went up and down his shaft. One hand reached down, to stroke his aching shaft when his fingers brushed against something slick moving around his length.

His daydream shattered as he sat shrieked and tried to sit straight up. Instead of sinking to the bottom of the pool, he felt something wrapping around his legs and back, holding him in the water. His eyes snapped open to see long gray tentacles reaching out of the water, hovering in the air. Some of them were wrapped around his legs and hips, until most of his body was lost underneath the silky gray tendrils. His entire lower half was covered in a slick substance, that felt the same as the water he was floating in.

“What the…!?”

His words dissolved into a wordless yells as he started to thrash against the gray tentacles. Looking at them, he could feel them wrapping around his body, holding it still even as he struggled. His words echoed shrilly against the walls as he threw everything he could into escaping the tentacles. His hands, freed from the gray creatures, lashes out, clinging to the tiny ridges of the green mosaic, but the creature was not trying to pull him in.

Then, the door opened.

It was a faint clicking noise, but it was enough to interrupt his screaming. The door slipped open and the girl from the front stepped inside and closed the door. There was a faint smile on her face, but it was barely visible on the red lips. Mardoc was stunned as she shut the door and turned back to him. Her bare feet padded to the edge of the pool and he found himself staring up at her, the folds of her skirt swirling close to his head. Mardoc struggled with his voice for a moment before it came out in a hoarse whisper.


She knelt down next to him, resting one hand on his shoulder, “Try to relax.”

His voice cracked, “Relax!? How can I relax with this.. this thing on me?”

“Because he wants to help.”

Her words threw him for a moment and he relaxed against the tentacles. Two of them slithered up, stroking against his back and moving toward the knots in his shoulders. Blinking, Mardoc looked up at her, at the green eyes looking down.

“W-What is going on?”

She smiled down at him, “He wants to help you relax. I asked him to.”

“And… he’s stroke… stroking me.”

Her smile widened, “Well, you must have been thinking about something naughty.”

Mardoc felt the blush surging through his face as he looked away. An amused chuckle filled the room as she spoke.

“Oh… naughty thoughts about someone specific.”

Mardoc closed his eyes, and realized he could feel the tentacles stroking him slowly, keeping his hardness aching with the need to release. The girl’s hand remained on his shoulder, relaxing him and he felt himself shudder in the tentacle’s grip. Slowly, he looked up to find her still smiling down at him. Her soft, high-born voice eased him slightly.

“Try to relax. He just wants to help.”

“He… won’t eat me or anything?”

She chuckled, “No, he’s been here for as long as I have been. And he has never harmed a single person inside these walls.”

More tentacles stroked along the back of his thighs, kneading against his buttocks and lower back. He shivered from the sensations, almost relaxing one.

“I’ve… never…”

Nodding, she patted him, “Do you want me to stay here?”

Part of Mardoc warred with the idea of being caught in a tentacle’s embrace with the girl he was fantasizing about watching and part of him just wanted to run away screaming. Her soft smile decided it for him and he nodded haltingly. She looked over the water and clicked her tongue sharply. The tentacles responded, stroking along his back and shoulders, finding the points of stress-filled pain and working at them. At the same time, he could feel ribbons of slickness wrapping around his shaft again, stroking up and down in the same sensations he could almost imagine her lips on his shaft. He strained not to make a noise, feeling self-conscious with her watching, but a moan escaped his lips. His eyes flashed up to hers, but she was only watching with slightly parted lips.

He started to say something, but the slick sensations teasing his shaft interrupted him. More so, he felt a questing tendril pushing up along his inner thigh, keeping low against the back of his legs. Jumping slightly, he felt it questing between the lines of his buttocks, toward the opening of his ass. Gasping, he shook his head, “no… no, you… not there…”

The probing tentacle ignored him and he felt a feather-light touch against the wrinkled opening. It twisted around, circling it with slow, measured movements even as the mass of gray wrapped around his shaft stroking him harder. He glanced down to see the tendrils stroking up and down in heated pressure that sent tiny tingles of pleasure through his aching balls. More tendrils, some of them barely a finger-width wrapped around his balls, stroking them just enough to distract him from the feeling of the tendril at his back opening.

When it finally pushed into the tiny opening, his back arched with the intense sensations that began to burn inside him. The slick member twisted up inside him, easily penetrating despite him clenching his muscles. It only stroked in and out a centimeter or so, moving gently. To his surprise, there was no pain as the tendril slipping in and out, relaxing his sphincter. His back arched, he cracked open his eyes, but she was still watching, her lips parted and her breath coming slightly faster than normal. Her green eyes flashed down to his and she smiled.


“Easy… for you to say.”

She only smiled back to him and he found the sensations from the tentacles too much to keep a conversation. The slick twisting against his rectum was burrowing deeper, moving with the same gentle probing that gave him the feeling of being full, without pain. A second, or a third, tendril slipped up against his ass, pressing against the opening with the same slickness. He felt it slip inside, moving with surprisingly lack of pain and the growing sensation of being filled. It was almost… scary with the pleasure that started to grow inside him. His cock ached with the need to release, but the pressure at his base prevent it from even starting.

Mardoc felt the tendrils reaching up around his arms and legs, spreading them. They wrapped slickly, the heat radiating off their skin was pleasurable, a counterpoint to the gentle thrusting of the tendrils making their way into his backside. More were adding themselves, stretching him out from the inside and thrusting. For a brief moment, he wondered if he was feeling the same as a woman would in the same position, but the intense sensations continued to drive up inside him.

He twisted his back, pushing down on the tentacles thrusting inside him. As they drove up inside him, stuffing him with slick heat, he felt the surge of his cock growing, the ache in his balls almost screaming for attention. Soon, he was panting as he rocked his hips between the driving tentacles and the wet heat wrapped around his shaft. The thrusts up felt like they were driving into a tight orifice while the thrusts down filled him up in a manner he could not even imagine.

Mardoc cracked open his eyes, to look up at the girl. To his surprise, she had her skirt pulled up and one hand buried between her legs. Two fingers were stroking her outer lips, puffy and hairless. On the edge of the pool, he could see the tiny hairs from where she shaved. Her thumb was pressed against her inner thigh, but her two other fingers were plunging in and out of the shocking pink opening of her sex. Between them, he could see the tiny fold of her clitoris and the smells of an excited woman washed over him. To his surprise, he felt himself growing even more excited as she gasped, her eyes locked on his shaft.

Moaning, he rocked his body, his eyes focused on her fingers pleasuring herself. Gasping for breath, he jerked back and forth as a very thick tentacle pressed up against his ass. It felt huge, thicker than two of his fingers, and it pushed in. At the same time, the more gentle tendrils slipped out, leaving a feeling of being emptied even as the thick tentacle started to work its way into his private opening.

Water splashed as he felt the last of the tendrils escape as the thick member push into him. It was almost too large to handle as he felt it filling him up, pushing deeper into his body. It brushed against something deep inside his rectum that almost forced his cock to explode with pleasure. To his surprise, it pulled in and out, moving with slightly faster strokes as it plunged deeper.

Above him, the girl gasped and he looked up, tearing his eyes away from her plunging fingers. He could hear the tiny slurps of her body responding but her eyes were now looking down at him, lips parted in her own growing pleasure. Mardoc tried to smile as his back arched with the sensation of being plunged into, then emptied before being filled back up. With every thrust, his cock pushed into the tight rings of the tendrils around his shaft and he could only imagine her lips wrapped around his member.

Gasping, he stretched out against the pool, focusing his eyes on hers. His head stretched out over the tile, to get a better look at the shocking pink opening and to smell the scents of womanhood. The girl smiled broadly and lifted her body slightly, fingers still slipping in and out with faster movements. To his surprise, she straddled his face, holding the pink opening of her sex right above his mouth. Moaning, he lifted it until he tasted the tangy flavors of her sex. The girl moaned and spread her legs even further, pressing her sex against his mouth. He lapped at her, enjoying the flavors even as the tentacles continued to drive up into him, pushing further and further. He could almost feel them curling through his insides, filling his intestines, but he was lost between the pleasures of being filled and lapping at her sex that he could barely breath.

Licking as gently as he could, he lapped and sucked against the delicate folds. Her juices were soaking his face as she drove down on him, pinning his head against the hard stone. Barely breathing through his nose, he managed to keep licking even when it felt like the tentacle had completely filled him. Delicate fingers, human fingers, stroked down against his stomach and he almost exploded. Her moans vibrated through her sex, between the legs pinning him in place and the fingers touching him. They grew louder as the juices flooded down his throat.

The tentacle buried inside him started to surge in and out, moving a quarter meter with every stroke. The slickness prevented any pain, but it felt like he was being fucked, pounding by the tentacle. Every thrust seem to cause his balls to ache and he felt his cock trying to explode with an orgasm. The pressure of the tentacles around his base prevented it, but he could feel it building into an pleasurable agony with the need to orgasm. Pinning his mouth, he felt her scream out in an orgasm of her own, thick juices soaking his face. He gulped hungrily, enjoying both the taste and the sensations as she ground her sex against his face, riding him through her own explosion of pleasure.

His came soon after, the tentacle driving in his taking meter-long strokes that sent every nerve in his body into a white-hot ecstasy. Finally, the pressure in his balls finally exploded as he yelled out in a guttural noise as he felt his cock surge with hot cum. His heart pounded with every jolt as he felt it forced into the tight rings of the tentacles and out of his body. Mardoc could only press his lips against her sex, gasping in her sweetness as he drove out every iota of pleasure, forcing it from his aching balls and into the water.

Too soon, the pleasure ended and he felt the tentacle withdraw in a single movement. His hypersensitive body felt like it was being torn in half as it slipped out, leaving him feeling empty and exposed. The girl above his face shuddered with an afterglow of her orgasm and slowly sat back, freeing his breath and taking away the hot folds of her sex. Mardoc gasped as he felt the tentacles and tendrils slipping away, leaving him floating once again in the water.

He had a brief image of the gray tentacles slipping into the drain and soon they were alone, just him and the girl. For a long moment, they gasped and panted, the afterglow of pleasure slowly fading. Then, he let his body drop into the water and turned around. She managed to straighten her skirt and stand up. Padding over to the bench, she sat down, her body slightly turned away.

“I’m sorry about that.”

Mardoc jumped at her voice. Staring down at the jade ground, he felt the blush rising even as he looked away. He cleared his throat and glanced back.

“No… I think you were right… I needed that.”

She smiled, “I’m also sorry I can’t give you a refund.”

He nodded and let his body soak in the hot water. His legs spread slightly, feeling the heated water, still silky smooth, press up against the opening that was just recently occupied by a tentacle. He smiled at the thought, his cock twitching slightly. She caught his smile and gave him a hesitant one back.

“I… could probably give you a short term job, only a month or two though.”

“Cleaning pools?”

She chuckled, “No, building me a money vault. That is what clockwork engineers do, don’t they?”

Mardoc nodded, a smile beginning to curl on his lips. She grinned back, “It will only be for a few months, but it should get you though. And I’ll give you a membership to the Bathhouse while you work, since you’ll probably need long hours.”

“But, why…” he blushed as she gave him a look, “never mind.”

She nods and stood up, padding toward the door.

“Good. Come back tomorrow.”

“Uh… what do I call you? I mean… after…”

The girl paused at the door, “Call me Aini.”

He smiled to her warmly, “Thank you, Aini.”

Aini opened the door and returned the smile, “Our pleasure.”

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