D. Sadie is the “vanilla” byline of t'Sade which is known for far more extreme writing and fetishes. The byline came from a request online many years ago for a website and name that could be linked that didn't have dangers of stumbling into things that were suited for an 80s horror movie or erotic horror anime like Legend of the Overfiend.

I created this site years ago, but it languished for a decade because the late 2010s and the early 2020s were about a century long. It was also hard to maintain two sites at the same time. Then, I managed to stumble into a way of getting paid for writing and things got convoluted.

Now, it's time to make the distinction more obvious so this site has been revamped and reorganized. It only has a few token links to the other site, so it is safe to wander through here and you won't find anything more extreme than you'd find on Penthouse except with a bit more sci-fi and fantasy thrown in.