For quite a few years (well, since 1991 or so), I've been posting erotic and bloody stories on my website for anyone to read. That worked out pretty well when I was a teenager living in my parent's house or a twenty-something writing some porn between classes. Life changes, though, and now I'm in a position where free has become a struggle to maintain.

I have no desire to ever include ads on this website unless they are for projects I control, that includes almost all of Curious Cabbit and the associated “authors” (mostly me wearing different thongs).

On the other hand, I like when someone reads stories. I love comments, I love fan art and fiction, I love the interactions. So, I decided to hope on Patreon to help pay for my writing and relieve the financial pressure of running an erotic words site for better part of three decades (hint, I'm not twenty anymore).


Because I don't like putting all my dragon eggs in one basket, there are a number of places you can subscribe:

Right now, I don't have subscriptions set up but you can send me money through here and then send me a private message and I'll set it up.

What does subscribing get you?

Well, the biggest is every story and novel I sell. The monthly subscribe of a single dollar gets you access to my full novels (such as Eliza and the Raptor). It also gives you access to the stories and novels of the other bylines as they are written. Right now, that is about ten short stories and two novels but it will increase rapidly as I get more patrons.

The second benefit is works-in-progress. I write long series that are posted on various sites. Since I maintain a one chapter a week posting schedule, that means the 30-90 chapter pieces will take over half a year to eighteen months to come all the way through. Can't wait? Join the patrons and get everything I have up to that point. These are relatively raw, but I'm usually somewhere between one and thirty chapters ahead at any point.

That is all for a dollar a month. Obviously, I'd like you to keep subscribing, but the more you donate, the more I can write.

There are higher rewards, of course. At the five dollar range, you can participate in surveys and votes for what I work on next. This means if you really like my sci-fi or fantasy pieces and want to see more of them, then subscribe at this level. I'll also post questions to those rewards when I can't figure out if someone lives or dies or what fetishes they'll be suffering.

Sweet Words

Access to finished sweet stories and serials.

Sharp Words

Access to finished stories and works-in-progress.

Sly Suggestions

Early access to works in progress (including unedited versions) and the ability to request changes such as expanding scenes or adding details, focusing on specific fetishes, or generally tweaking the story. This also gives you voting privileges for the next stories to be worked on or to suggest new ones to be written.