Welcome to my site. Here you'll find various sweet stories of romance and wonder that I've written over the decades. Much of my writing is fantasy or science fiction, but I have quite a few short stories set in the contemporary world.

Needless to say, this site has sex. You may not like it or you may might. Regardless, if you can't tell the difference between the two; are less than the age of eighteen (or whatever age of majority is for your locale); or aren't mature enough to handle this content, then find somewhere safer to browse. I'm only interested in turning on and entertaining people who have a firm grasp of reality and understand this isn't anything more than words on a screen.

Recent Chapters and Stories

I write constantly and have done so for years. I've tried to write mainstream and vanilla stuff, but I like writing this stuff. It brings me joy and I seem to be good at it. With the advent of me getting subscribers, most of the new stuff is posted monthly on the various subscription sites at the rate of a batch of stories or chapters every other month (until things get more active).


2023-09-10 - Fork Me

Now, it's time to make the distinction more obvious so this site has been revamped and reorganized. It only has a few token links to the other site, so it is safe to wander through here and you won't find anything more extreme than you'd find on Penthouse except with a bit more sci-fi and fantasy thrown in.

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  • 2023-09-10

If you want more, feel free to browse my archives.


Almost everything in this site is grouped around my individual settings. Below are the list which is a good way to explore based on what interests you.

Fallow's Lane

Fallow's Lane is a small anthropomorphic setting where there are no humans. The stories focus mostly on the events inside a large valley called Fallow's Lane but can go beyond the valley's limits.

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A collection of fan-fiction stories written in various universes.

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Nine Sisters

Nine Sisters is a highly sexualized fantasy world created by t'Sade. It could be considered in the same vein as Oglaf with less humor. It is also inspired by the older book series of the 70s, such as the Sword and Sorcery series. Nine Sisters world is also inspired by the countless fantasy anime and hentai over the last few decades. There are hints of Slayers, Tenchi, and everything else that has managed to mix together into a soft, squishy world of sexuality and romance.

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Shadowed Earth

Shadowed Earth is a contemporary fantasy world set roughly during our time. The dates for the stories are typically in the 2000s but in a world where the supernatural lurk in corners and it is horny.

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Web of Stars

Web of Stars is a pulp science setting that has plenty of aliens, spaceships, and high tech.

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D. Sadie is the softer, sweeter byline of t'Sade. Everything on this site is consensual (or at most reluctant), safe, and non-violent. The same can't be said if you go to the other site.