Lisha decided that the empty shower was the creepiest place she had ever imagined. The magical lamps along the walls were glowing as normal, but the warm light reflected the dry tiles dully, as if everything was washed out. The air was musty and bitter, almost dusty. Even the sounds of her footsteps echoed strangely, giving her the idea that someone was walking up behind her.

If she had the spell memorized, she would have summoned a watcher spirit without even worrying about being expelled. Instead, she could only think about how useful her classroom book would have been in that moment. More so if the creepy shower was inside the class where she had permission to use the spell.

The surreality of the situation wasn't lost on her and she giggled to herself.

There was a creak and the sound froze in her throat.

Whimpering, she spun around in fear that someone had walked up behind her.

No one was there.

It was a foolish fear, one driven only by the strangeness of her situation, but that didn't help the irrational fear that bubbled up. Other images rushed through her mind, of stalkers in the dark lurking and waiting for her to drop her guard.

Lisha clutched her supplies to her chest as she hurried past empty counters and clothing area. Returning to the room felt like a better choice as she shivered at the cool air that surrounded her but then she would have to deal with all that… erotica strewn out across the floor. Words with images of women being spanked and bound.

She apparently had read a lot more than she thought she had.

Lisha carried her supplies to the showers. She didn't want anything to be out of her sight in the creepy chambers. Using one of the built-in seats used for shaving—and occasional oral sex if rumors were true—she set down her supplies. Turning her back to the wall, she stripped while watching the entrance of the shower area.

No monster came rushing in, but the oppressive silence didn't ease her. She worried her bottom lip as she left her clothes in one stall and crept into the other one.

Lisha didn't bother closing either curtain. She kept her eyes on the entrance as foolish fears echoed in her head. Blindly, she turned the water on high.

Ice water slammed into her.

She shrieked and scrambled for the handle, but missed. Her scream rose up as she pawed at the handle.

She scrambled out, standing naked and dripping, as she panted. “Ancestors! That's cold!”

It never occurred to her that with everyone gone, the water would be cold at first. Usually there was someone taking a shower at all times of the day and night ensuring hot waters were in the pipes.

Lisha gingerly stuck her hand in. When the temperature was noticeably warmer, she let out a sigh of relief and then moved so she could watch the entrance of the shower and monitor the water from the same position. It didn't take long before she could dive back into the water and enjoy the heat that poured over her.

“Oh yes.”

There was one major advantage of being the only one on the floor: all the hot water she wanted and no one interrupting her shower.

Then she remembered her fear. She could almost feel someone looming in front of her, ready to push her down to her knees and…

Lisha groaned. The images in her head were beginning to blur, the brief words of erotica intermingling with the irrational fears of being alone. Together, they were more intense and she felt prickles of fear along the back of her neck and the fluttering of heat between her legs at the same time.

She lifted her face to the water and forced herself not to look at the door. “Just your head… just your heads….” she whispered to herself as the heated water splashed against her lips and throat.

It took a long time to convince herself that there were no monsters or killers in the shower. Every time she wanted to look, she forced her eyes to remain shut and concentrated on the heat pouring across her naked skin.

Lisha's thoughts drifted back the words she read on the page. It wouldn't take much to gather up the pages and figure out how to put them back in order before Penelope found out. It would be just like cleaning the room.

Except she would have to read the stories to find the right order. The heat grew inside her as she imagined herself reading each page with one hand between her legs, stroking her sex with growing excitement.

She slid a hand down her belly and through the forest of hairs on her mons. At the touch of her fingers against her clitoris, she let out a soft moan and leaned against the shower to keep the water coursing over her. She rocked her fingers along her slit, spreading it wide so her fingertips could trail from clitoris to opening and back again.

Lisha's moan echoed against the wall as she fingered herself faster while thinking about the idea of stealing her roommate's porn to turn herself on, to give herself the freedom to finger herself to an orgasm without being overheard or teased. Vague fantasies rose up, colored by the few words she spied on the page and her fears: women kneeling in front of a cock, being kissed against the bars of a prison cell, and of the touch of a monstrous tongue against her sex.

The last one resonated with her thoughts and she tried to imagine what it would be lick to have a lover licking her where her fingers were. She hadn't learned that anyone would go down on someone until college, but then her only opportunities came from the same sex.

She thrust her digits deep and pumped into her sex with short strokes that splattered water everywhere as she drove herself to a quick orgasm.

Her grunts, humiliating loud in the abandoned shower, added to the rush of her forbidden actions. She was masturbating in public, where someone could catch her just by walking in. They would hear her in the hall. They would investigate. Then they would find her, leaning against the wall, three fingers deep into her own cunt. The chance of being caught added an extra rush of excitement and an intensity of pleasure she couldn't have imagined.

A second orgasm began to crest.

She grabbed her breast with her other hand and crushed her nipple between her fingers as she let out a wail of pleasure that beat against the tiled walls.

Pleasure tore through her as she slowly sank to her knees, her shoulder leaning against the tile as she did. Her entire body was on fire as she pumped harder. Her fingers jammed into her sex but it wasn't enough. She released her breast to circle her clitoris with both hands as she knelt in the middle of the shower, her face upturned to the water that splashed hot liquid across her finger as she brought herself to a third, intense orgasm.

Lisha shuddered with the intense afterglow. She was such a slut, getting off on a few paragraphs of porn. Her pussy felt sore from her fingers as she eased them out.

Then she remembered she was in the shower. She looked fearfully at the door but there was no one inside the area.

Panting, she stared out as she realize what she had done with the curtain wide open and anyone able to come in. An illicit thrill rushed through her, surging through her veins like some drug.

Lisha moaned as she pushed herself back to her feet. As she did, she was already mentally coming up with her next actions. To start with, gather up all Penelope's stories and start going through them until her fingers wrinkled or she passed out from orgasms.

Then she would put them away and Penelope would not be be the wiser.