Bailey was more excited than she could imagine. She never expected to stumble into a famous ghost hunter in a diner of all places, but Kayla was gorgeous. No picture could have done her justice.

The ghost hunter had thick curls of brunette hair loose around her face that almost reached the of of her large breasts that strained the fabric of her button-down short. The gap between the buttons revealed a plain black bra cupping tits that would spill out of the young lesbian's hands.

Kayla didn't smile, just always had a semi-serious look on her face. She also had a tendency to stare for long periods of time, waiting.

But looking into the dark blue eyes felt like being dangled over the ocean, a pool that Bailey wanted to dive into and drown herself. But even when Kayla gave a hard stare back to a question, it wasn't discomfort that cause Bailey to squirm but a hunger that made her cunt squishy and a heat to flutter in her chest.

That woman could dominate a werewolf with nothing more than a look.

Bailey had managed to get her libido underneath control by focusing on her meal. Hot food, sweet syrup, and a bit of forbidden pie. It had been days since she enjoyed any of that and she didn't want to miss it.

But, all good things came to an end and she finally finished with an indelicate burp.

“Ready to go?” asked Kayla. Her voice was a strange timber of steady monotone and an almost sing-song tone to it. It was a stark difference to the airy, almost ditsy, voice she used with Clark when he tried to steal the money.

Bailey nodded sheepishly and then squeezed out from the bench. Standing up, she made sure she had her canvas bag with her laptop.

Then Kayla stood up.

Bailey had to look up as the hunter straightened. And up even more. With every inch, her pussy grew wetter as she stared at the towering woman who was rumored to be one of the best ghost hunters in the country.

She glanced down and found herself face-to-face with Kayla's magnificent tits. From close up, she could see the slightly bumps of her nipples through the material and Bailey desperately wanted to rip open the shirt and bra to see if they were tiny little bumps or big puffy nipples.

Kayla didn't seem to register anything. She looked back and then bent over the table, giving Bailey a view of her ass.

The world spun as the young woman looked down at the hard muscles visible through the blue jeans that stretched over an ass that looked harder than rock.

When Kayla stood up, she had a cowboy hat which she dropped on top of her head.

Bailey almost came at the casual cowgirl vibe the hunter gave as she followed after Kayla. She was honest about wanting to see a real ghost, but after seeing Kayla up close, there was also the very real desire to be seduced and dominated by her.

The only thing that startled Bailey was Kayla's vehicle. She expected the ghost hunter to travel in a big ass pickup truck, not a white panel van with “Kayla's General Services” in a very plain, functional design. It looked like any other service truck running around town, thought there was no phone number or city listed.

Kayla stopped at the rear of her van. “Phone number?”

“Oh, um…” Bailey stammered for a moment. Then she gave her number.

Kayla leaned against the van and entered it. Bailey saw that her contact was listed as “Bailey from Appleton Wi”.

“Um, Bailey Jones.”

Kayla changed the entry to “Bailey Jones from Appleton Wisconsin” before dialing the number.

Bailey's phone rang. She started to answer it but Kayla hung up.

“Do you know where to go?”

“Yeah, north side near….” Her mind blanked.

“I'll send you the address. Make sure you want to follow me.”

The image of Kayla's large hands wrapping ropes around Bailey's trembling body brought a rush of lust and excitement. She knew that the hunter would be rough and powerful, as dominating as the stare that seemed to connect Bailey's eyes directly to her clit.

Kayla cocked her head, then got into her van.

A second later, a text message popped up with an address.

Bailey watched the van drive away and then scrambled for her phone. She made a contact for Kayla with a few Xs and Os and a peach symbol. Then she brought up a map for the address and followed in her own car.

The Rotten Apple House was a large Victorian house at the end of a street. It was a bright, clean white with a sign still standing near the mailbox for the siding company. Bright flowers danced in the gardens and the driveway looked as black as pitch.

Kayla's van had stopped behind a fancy sedan and the gorgeous hunter was talking to a slender woman wearing a black suit.

Before that morning, the power suit would have gotten Bailey's engines rumbling. After Kayla, though, she wondered if she would find anyone else as attractive. There was something about the tall woman and her incredibly firm-looking ass that made Bailey want to do everything she had read about in dirty stories.

Bailey tried her best to look put together before getting out and joining the conversation.

Kayla had one hand on her pocket and the other pointing to the front door. “You said you just got rid of the contents?”

The woman made a face. “It was all covered in bugs and spider eggs. The leather was rotten and the wood had termite damage. Nothing I could resell. I just had the entire contents hauled out.”

“Which dump?”

“No,” said the raven-haired home owner. “The dump wouldn't take it and I wasn't going to risk my moving truck. I had the guys drag it into the back and burn everything.” A pause. “I had a permit of course.”

Kayla shrugged. She was half a foot taller than the other woman. Then she turned to Kayla. “Gwen, this is Bailey. Bailey, Gwen. Bailey is going to help me.”

Up close, Gwen was exactly what Bailey wished she could be: slender, elegant, and beautiful. She had a wide smile and eyes that sparkled. If she wasn't standing next to Kayla, Bailey's horny thoughts would have been all over her.

Gwen gave Bailey a hard look. “I'm not paying more than ten. I'm losing enough money on this house as it is.”

“I'll deal with paying Bailey,” Kayla said, her voice moving into the cheerful ditz tone.

An image of Kayla between Bailey's legs flashed through Bailey's thoughts. She blushed and tried to tamp it down. Why was she so fucking horny? It had been days and she couldn't exactly masturbate in the car, but still, how did Kayla bring that out so quickly?

Gwen made a worried hum.

Kayla gave her a smile. “How do I prove I got rid of the ghost?”

“Survive the night, as far as I'm concerned. I'll give you two thousand now, three if you made it until morning, and the other five if I don't see the ghost in a week. Deal?”

Kayla shrugged. “Why not? Need a contract?”

Gwen scoffed. “Like there is legal precedent for hiring a ghost hunter. I didn't believe any of this shit, other than those people kept paying me a hundred dollars a night while I was working through financing. Everything was fine until they started getting blood on the new floors.”

“There won't be any blood.”

“There better not,” Gwen snapped back. “You ruin my floor and I'll be suing you, your girlfriend's ass, and your company out of existence.”

Kayla shrugged again. She looked around and then shrugged a third time. “When can we come back for the night?”

“Just start now. The ghost, or whatever it is, doesn't show up until night but I'm still trying to get a replacement contractor. You'll have the entire place to do whatever shit you have to do. Just clean up after, don't ruin the beds or furniture, or I'm not paying you.” Gwen's voice got shriller.

Kayla blinked once and then stared at the dark-haired woman.

Gwen started to say something but the sound died in her voice.

Kayla held her stare.

“I-I… should probably… I'm going,” said the home owner. Her tone had turned into a defeated discomfort. “I need to go.”

Bailey almost flooded her panties as she watched Gwen drive off in a rush. There was nothing fake about Kayla but there was something otherworldly about how she could dominate the space with just a look.

As soon as the roar of the engine faded, Kayla turned to Bailey. “You need sleep.”


“You've been sleeping in your car, right?”

“Y-Yes,” Bailey said with a blush.

“I bet you haven't slept through the night for days. Nor were you sleeping in comfort. We're going to be up all night, so I need you to awake and aware.” She dug into her pocket and pulled out a pair of twenties. “When you get up, order pizza. Something hearty, plenty of salt and protein. No Chinese or pasta or heavy sauce. If you are a vegetarian, double up on the protein.”

Bailey took the money from the remarkably cool hand.

Kayla strode to the back of her van. Pulling it open, she reached out and grabbed a shovel.

Bailey peeked inside. There was a narrow cot on one side with comfortable-looking blankets neatly underneath. On the other side was an array of tools ranging from hammers, screwdrivers, machetes, garden shears, and even a handful of saws. A dozen toolboxes were all clipped into place. There was also coils of chains and ropes hanging from hooks near the back.

Except for the array of gardening and murder tools, the van looked more comfortable than even Bailey's old bedroom. Maybe Kayla would let Bailey borrow the van until she got on her feet.

Kayla grabbed a rake and shoved both underneath her arm before closing the door.

Bailey gulped. “What are you doing?”

“Scorned Women usually have something of their lover that anchors them to the house. Since she started hurting people after Gwen burned the contents, I suspect that she burned that anchor. If I can find it, or at least parts of it, it would make it a lot easier to break whatever is holding her to the house.”

“If you can't?”

“Then we're going to be using iron, salt, and a lot of blood. Now get some sleep, you look exhausted.”

Bailey didn't think she could sleep right away, but she didn't want to tell Kayla that. Deciding that she would just close her eyes, she gathered up her bag and headed inside.

The house was in the middle of a remodel. The living room floor had been painted and was a brilliant white, except where brown smears stained the walls and darker stains marred the polished wooden floors.

It took a moment to register that she was looking at blood stains.

Bailey stared at a moment, wondering what she would feel like when she came up to death. She expected to feel disgust or grief, but her heavy breathing and rapid heartbeats felt more like the thrill of having a beautiful woman's lips against her nipples than the cold sweat of terror.

She gulped as she inspected the room. Delicately arranged decorations had been upended and tossed around, marking places where someone had been thrown into an antique chair and more smears of blood near the brick fireplace. But, the damage also revealed that the inside of the chair was bright wood and the brick was only a few inches thick.

She moved into the kitchen and looked at the long scratch marks that dug into the side of the refrigerator. The black surface of the electric stone was cracked and dried blood had pooled inside the appliance.

The cabinets looked old and weathered but the damage showed they were just as fake as the chair. Bailey scoffed as she tugged on a cabinet door and it fell off the hinge, shattering into pieces.

“God, what a cheap-ass bitch.”

She had never seen what a house flipper did, but seeing how much effort Gwen put into pretending that the house was good made her sick. She wondered if the ghost could just take a bite out of the flipper before Kayla got rid of her.

Bailey made her way upstairs and into the bedrooms. One was completely shredded, the mattress torn apart and springs scattered everywhere. The drywall was bashed in, showing the old wallpaper that the woman had just painted over.

The only bed still intact was the master bedroom. Set in a gorgeous, large room, it was up against the back wall of the house.

Seeing it and the artfully arranged pillows, Bailey realized she was more tired than she thought. It looked comfortable, despite everything being fake and plastic.

She toyed with the strap of her bag for a moment and then set it down. She'll just close her eyes for a little bit, then she would see Kayla in action.

Bailey crawled over the bed, but before she could flip over and dug into the pillows, she caught movement through the window. Curious, she leaned over and looked outside.

Kayla was digging into a large, brown circle in the back yard. Hunks of dirt flew to the side as she slammed the blade deep and then levered it out.

While Bailey had been exploring the house, Kayla had stripped out of her cotton shirt and was wearing only her black bra, jeans, and a pair of heavy boots. Sweat dripped down her well-defined body and Bailey could see the flex of muscles with every movement.

“Oh, fuck me stupid,” gasped Bailey as she stared at the goddess in the back yard. It didn't matter that Kayla wasn't into her, Bailey couldn't help but pant as a heat bubbled inside her. She moaned as she dug into her pants, fumbling with her zipper until she could shove her hand into the opening and dig her fingers into her wetness.

Fighting the confines of her jeans, Bailey tried to imagine Kayla's dominating presence in a more erotic situation. The hunter's large hands cupping her breasts, the feel of her hard muscles prying the younger woman's thighs apart.

Bailey was sure that Kayla was the type who would dive in to eat, just shove her way and lap and swirl. Probably while staring into Bailey's eyes.

“Oh, fuck…” moaned Bailey as she rolled over onto her back, sinking into the pillows. She squeezed her eyes tightly close as she fingered herself until her wrist hurt. Then, she shoved her jeans and panties off to give her access to reach deeper.

With one knee hooked on a pillow, she fingered herself roughly as she imagined it was Kayla using her, fucking her, owning her. She wanted to feel those hard fingers driving deep as the older woman licked… no Kayla would be a biter. A powerful biter that took charge.

After days of being unable to find relief, Bailey easily lost herself in fantasies as she soaked the blankets and pillows with her excitement. Her fingers drove into her, curling up to press against her most sensitive spots as she worked herself into an orgasm.

Her eyes fluttered opened.

Kayla was standing in the door, staring at her.

A flash of lust exploded inside Bailey as she stared back, unsure of what Kayla would do. Her hand never stopped as she fingered herself.

Kayla made no effort to move, either further into the room or away. She just watched with her unreadable eyes.

Somehow, being watched made the knife edge of pleasure even sharper. Bailey couldn't take her eyes away as she found herself pounding her fingers deep into her cunt, splashing with every stroke as she brought herself to an orgasm.

A scream ripped out of her throat. It beat against the walls as she cried out while still staring back at Kayla. Even as the pleasure tore through her senses, she was unable to even close her eyes or look away.

Slumping back, she managed to blink and catch her breath.

When she opened her eyes again, Kayla was gone. It was as if the hunter was a ghost herself, not even making a noise as she escaped.

A small part of Bailey wondered if she had just seen the ghost haunting the house, but then a wave of exhaustion tugged her into sleep.

With one knee hooked on a pillow and the air tickling against her soaked thighs, she drifted into a dreamless sleep.