Customer Service

To Kelly’s Lingerie Customer Service:

I am writing about the incident in store ##842 on November 12, 2009. Your employee, Laura, has shown initiative in ensuring customer satisfaction. When the store manager found us in the changing room, there is an easily explained reason why she was on her knees and covered in cum.

Laura had offered to help me find an outfit for my girlfriend. They both share the same bra size and similar skin tone. I wanted to see how the Cherry Red Rose Lace Bra (product ##620023-CR) would look on my girlfriend’s magnificent breasts and Laura offered to demonstrate.

I questioned if my dick would fit into the chasm of her tits while wrapped in product ##620023-CR. She naturally pressed her boobs together and offered to let me find out. How could I resist such salesmanship? I rested my cock into that warm valley and I have to admit, the quality silk of your products felt incredible on my shaft and balls.

It didn’t take long before I realized that there were other concerns for the materials. I needed to know if semen could stain either the bra, the matching garter (##620123-CR), and red fishnet pantyhose (##A842-R). She–demonstrating excellent customer service–slipped out of the changing room and put them on for me. I was in the middle of testing the material for staining when the store manager opened the door.

I can’t explain why I was wearing the red silk teddy (##620403-CR).

Sincerely, Gary Moore

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