Dressing Up

Rob walked into the bedroom wearing nothing but a hard-on and it dripped with his excitement. John beamed, reaching over to trail his fingernails along the smooth balls and up to the tip. He glanced up and said, “You shaved?”

“For you,” Rob’s lips parted with a smile. “Help me dress?”

They started with a red silk thong. John slid it up his lover’s legs, running his palms on the glassy skin. Reaching Rob’s hips, John held the cock with one hand and nestled the wrinkled balls into the fabric. A droplet rolled down the hard member and John used his tie to capture it.

A pair of garters, with black mesh and roses. John knelt down to ease them up Rob’s thighs. He brushed his lips over the tented fabric, invoking a moan from Rob’s lips. He already looked forward to taking them off later.

John’s cock ached as he stood up and picked up Rob’s black evening dress. Rob lifted his arms and John drew it down and breathed in the flowery perfume.

John pulled out the box underneath the dozen roses scattered on the bed. Opening it up, he pulled out a pair of black stiletto heels. Kneeling on the ground once again, he cupped Rob’s foot and slid the soft leather heels onto the delicate foot. John felt Rob trembling as he set down one foot, then picked up the other one. Slipping it on, he buckled it and set it down.

He admired Rob.


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