Fortune Cookies

You will get head.

Laura stared at the little slip of paper in her fingers. Tiny crumbs from the cookie obscured the last letter. Hoping there was a missing “a” in “head”, she brushed off the crumbs but the naked words remained. She glanced up to John, then back down at the paper. Gulping, she felt sweat trickling down the back of her neck.

He spoke in his deep, husky voice, “What does it say?”

Stalling, Laura balled the paper into her palm. She gave her best smile before answering, “You first.”

John cleared his throat and unrolled the paper.

“It says: you learn more with silence than with words.”

His eyes twinkled and he looked up at her through half-closed eyes. “In between the sheets, right?”

She blushed.

“John, are you sure the second date is right for those type of games?”

John flinched and looked at her sheepishly. “Going to fast? This isn’t exactly our second date either.”

“No, just,” she struggled for a word, “trying not to make another mistake.”

“It wasn’t a mistake. We were never a mistake.”

John reached over to caress her. She smiled at the rough fingers, a carpenter’s hands, exploring the knuckles of her hand. Thankfully, they were already sitting and when Laura felt weak in the knees, only her legs trembled. She rested her thumb on his hand and took a deep breath.

“John, we are both unlucky, you know that-”

You will get head.

“-and I,” she felt flushed, “just want to make sure we really mean it this time.”

John stared into her eyes and her flush grew hotter.

“I never stopped loving you, Laura.”

Sniffing, she nodded, “And I never stopped either.”

She stared into his warm brown eyes and lost herself. Smiling, Laura squeezed John’s hand.

“So, what did it say?”

“What?” asked Laura.

“The fortune cookie. You never said what it said. I bet it was really naughty between the sheets.”

Laura rolled her eyes, but didn’t even reach for the paper balled in her hand. “It wasn’t that good.”

“Everything is good,” he licked his lips, “between the sheets.”


“Come on. I told you mine.”

She considered throwing it away, getting up to the go the bathroom, or even calling for the bill.

You will get head.

She bit her lip. “It says…”


“It says you are going to go down on me.”

John stared, his mouth opening in surprise. She enjoyed how his trimmed beard followed the line of his jaw. He used to leave it shaggy in college. “Seriously?”

Blushing, she handed it over. Her eyes watched with anticipation as he unrolled the paper. He read it, his eyes moving back and forth.

“I’ll be damned,” was all he said.

“Do you think it is a typo?”

“Yeah, that’s it. It must be.” He folded the strip of paper in half. “They probably meant ‘ahead’ or something.”

She laughed with him, but it didn’t match the images playing in her head.

“That must be it.”

You will get head.

She stared at his face and remembered his strong body. She ached for him as much as she wanted to run away from the restaurant. She fought her urges and slid her fingers around his palm, caressing his rough skin. So much changed since she ran away last time, leaving him at the altar.

He broke the silence.

“I never went down on you, did I?”

Her pussy grew moist.

“No, not even when I begged.”

“I didn’t appreciate you enough, Laura.”

“We were young, stupid, and unlucky.”

“Want to change your luck?”

“What?” she asked, feeling her aching anticipation growing.

John’s hands caressed hers. “I remember how many times you sucked me off. Now, years later, I realized I’ve been wanting to do the same for you. Return the favor as it were.”

Her body tensed, remembering how much she begged… and how many times he refused.

“In fact, all I can think is how much I want to pull those jeans off right now. You still go commando?”

Blushing, she stammered, “It’s a,” she gulped, “a thong.”

“Oh,” he licked his lips, “that will have to go.”

“I would like that.”

“Good, because I’ve been thinking about this for a long time.”


You will get head.

“Yes, because I bet you taste sweet.” His voice lowered, almost a growl, “And I want dessert.”


“Of course not-”

She waited for his excuse.

“-I have to pay the bill first.”

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