A Question of Peppermint

“I got you something.”

At the sight of the jumbo peppermint candy canes in their cellophane wrapping, her eyes lit up and her red lips parted with anticipation. I smiled, watching her rip open the first one with delighted glee. I felt guilty wishing it was me instead of the twisted red and white candy in her mouth

“You know,” I drawled, “you’d like anything that tastes like peppermint.”

She looked up with candy-colored lips. “Maybe. Maybe not…”

Her eyes locked on me while she sucked it deep. I groaned and she smiled around it.

“Want to find out?”

I froze, not really sure if I heard her words. She popped the stick from her mouth and gestured to a nearby closet. “Let’s find out.”

“Just like that?”

She smirked. “I want to find out.”

Inside the closet, she knelt on the floor. She fished my cock out and her warm hands felt incredible. At least until her lips touched me, rolling my tip on her tongue. She pulled back and made a face.

“What?” I whimpered, desperately needing more.

“Needs something,” she said wryly. Unwrapping another peppermint, she lined it up next to my hard member. It felt sticky and cool, but not for long. She leaned forward and swallowed both, her lips sliding down the twisted candy until they touched my balls. Warmth and stickiness and that lovely tongue. Her lips rode back and forth, sucking and licking until both me and the peppermint melted in her mouth.

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