Tornado Watch

“There’s a twister coming!” bellowed Blair, bursting through the bedroom door. Sandy sat up from the bed, tugging down her tank top back over her small breasts. He grabbed her, dragging her from the blankets and down the stairs.

She sat on the bottom step, panting.

Blair grinned, then knelt down in front of her, parting her knees as he licked his lips.

“Blair! What-”

Words weren’t needed when he brought his mouth down to her sex, running his strong lips along her folds. His tongue trailed from base to clitoris, lapping until she soaked his face. He stopped and held out his palms for her. With a moan, she lifted herself and dropped into his hands. He pulled her down to the cock sticking from his shorts.

Blair lurched forward, burying himself into her pussy until his balls slapped her ass. He dug in his fingers and pumped with all his might. She arched her back and wrapped her legs around his hips. Her fingers clutched the stairs for balance, jamming herself down until her senses sparkled with pleasure.

He slammed into her with hard strokes, his hands gripping tightly. Her body shook with his strength, her hair clinging to the carpeted stairs. She begged for more, urging him on, until her orgasm lit up the world like lighting.

Panting, she slumped on the stairs, waiting for her heartbeat to slow.

“Blair? I can’t hear any sirens.”

“If this was a real emergency,” he grinned, “you’d be screaming more.”

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