Type of Pervert

Jacob tapped his feet impatiently as he waited for number 402 to show up on one of the DMV screens. He tore his gaze away from the screens to the people around him. Across from him, a dark haired man in his thirties sprawled out in a chair, reading a book while scratching the stubble of a beard. Jacob caught sight of a metal necklace around his throat.


Jacob’s mouth slowly opened. The dark-haired man looked up from his book. He smiled and winked one of his sea-green eyes before returning to his novel. Jacob toyed with his ticket, no longer obsessed with the screen, but the silver necklace around the stranger’s throat.

When they called 378, an elderly woman next to the stranger stood up. Jacob, feeling his heart beating in his chest, switched seats and sat down next to the stranger. The dark-haired man’s eyes slid over to him, waiting.

“I-I like your necklace,” whispered Jacob.

A smile.

“What kind of pervert?”

He expected seducing women, but the stranger response rocked him, “The kind that is going to see your pretty little mouth wrapped around my cock soon.”

Jacob’s dick grew hard instantly but the pervert wasn’t done.

“The kind that is going to bend you over a stump in Terrance Park and fuck you.”

A gulp.

“In about two hours, I think. By the old docks.”

Jacob gasped. The stranger stood up and folded his book. As he left, he dropped his ticket.

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