Aster loves her job. She gets to fly to exotic locations and fuck aliens on dozens of different planets. It was hard to imagine a better life and she had no interest in finding out anything other than what new friends she was going to make on her next flight.


Chapter 1: Pre-Boarding

Aster gets ready to crew a two week space flight to another planet. Unlike most of the attendants, she preferred the ships with aliens over humans. There was something about the exotic bodies that excited her. Occasionally, one would let her get even closer and she couldn't wait to find out which ones.

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  • 2024-06-20

Chapter 2: The Wolf Bitch

Aster got her first chance at finding an alien lover during one of the early casino nights on the space flight. To her surprise, the bitchy worg wife that treated everyone rudely had a surprising soft side, but only if Aster was willing to get on her knees.

  • FF oral anal lact D/s cons foot
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  • 2024-07-18

Chapter 3: Bucket Lists

Aster gets a chance at a second lover, a giant insect-like creature called a thrab. Most humans wouldn't consider fucking a thrab but she is willing to go beyond when it comes to giving good service.

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  • 2024-08-15

Chapter 4: Glazed

While manning one of the buffet tables, Aster sees the young female grookal that she had seen earlier struggling to gather dinner. Spotting a chance to help a guest and maybe get an orgasm or two, Aster goes to help.

  • FF oral anal fist cons food
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  • 2024-09-12

Chapter 5: Comfort

Getting up in a puddle of slime was not how Aster expected the day to go, but she was happy with the afterglow and ache from her experience. However, her uniform was ruined and she was stained green from her lover. Fortunately, her roommate was willing to run up a spare for her.

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  • 2024-10-10

Chapter 6: Entangled

Aster and the others are surprised by a pair of guests who want a bit of intimacy with Aster while the others watch.

  • MMF oral anal tentacle
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  • 2024-11-07

Chapter 7: Disembarking

Aster and the others have reached their stop. It is time to say final goodbyes for a memorable flight.

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