Berer, more formally known as “user:/US/FA2A5E3F/023AB748/A16C/Berer” on-line, stood at the opening of the rusted out cargo container and stared up into the storm above. Born not of meteorology, the smog rolled with violence and crackles of lightning rolled along the sickening green and gray clouds. His eyes, sparkling with the digital overlays, followed line of boiling clouds to the shadowed pylon that pierced the sky and rose high above the smog to create the new foundation of the world, a place set above pollution: New Athena. He exhaled hard then sniffed at the chemical tang of the suffocating air around him. The sharpness of the agents they used to kill mold, fungus, and small animals burned at the back of his throat, but the air purifiers at his feet pushed back the worse of the acidic fumes.

He retreated into the cargo container, leaving the door open behind him. Inside, LED candles hung from the rusted out rents in the steel sides and gave the container a home-like glow. His boots vibrated the metal floor as he returned to an inflatable mattress in the back. He draped two threadbare blankets over the rubberized surface. Standing up, he paused at a mirror hanging from one twisted hunk of metal and inspected himself. A few strands of his thick, black hair stuck up and ran his fingers along it. His cowlick popped back up and he grumbled, but no matter how he tried, he couldn’t force it down with just his fingers and spit. He broke the seal to his suit, the tactile rubber peeling away from the hairs on his chest. Inside, thousands of sensors began to glow a faint red to warn of disconnection. He stared at the muscles underneath, wondering if the body shop earned their keep, then sealed it back up. Berer waffled for a moment, trying to figure out the best way to present himself. Finally, he left it alone and fled the mirror.

Sitting down on the mattress, he took another long breath to calm his jangling nerves. The clock in the upper right of his vision began to blink with a countdown. Fifteen seconds. He focused his attention on it and felt a brand new feeling twisting in his gut. Pressing his lips together into a tight line, he reached up to his right temple and keyed in the disable code on the subdermal keyboard. Then mentally passed a series of warnings flashing across his vision.

“Warning! Disconnecting from the network can cause disorientation!”

“Warning! You are about to disable emergency location services!”

“Alert! Disabling internal networks will disable mandatory monitoring by IPC!”

The last brought a grim smile to his face. He spent a month working around that monitor, including purchasing the proper permits to give himself a mere twenty-six hours of freedom from the ever-present watch of the IPC. He felt a lurch in his stomach as he pushed past the warning and came to the final reboot command.

Holding his breath, he disabled his cybernetic systems.

The world turned dark as his eyes rebooted. Gradually, his vision came back into focus, but without the digital displays. He reflexively tried to bring up a network connection but nothing happened. Only a blank sensation from the formerly brilliant mental connection. Panic started to settle in, then he remembered he disconnected himself from the world on purpose.

Just as planned.

Months of therapy for this moment kicked in and he forced himself to take a long, deep breath. When the world didn’t end nor did his head explode, he let his mind drift to other thoughts.

Berer fretted on the bed, then stood up sharply. Not feeling his network, he felt adrift from the world, unsure of anything beyond the confines of the rusted shipping container. His boots rapped on the steel floor with his pacing.

When he checked his image for the fourth time, Berer forced himself to sit down on the air mattress and suffer through the disorientation of disconnection. Time passed but he couldn’t tell how long. Without his time display, he couldn’t tell seconds from minutes. He felt adrift, empty, alone.

When footsteps crunched outside, he focused all his attention on the door to the cargo container. Springing to his feet, he tried to find some pose or position to give the best impression, but nothing felt right to convey a year’s worth of anticipation and planning.

Or making him look good.

Pink light reflected off the door as someone pushed it open further. Berer’s heart skipped a beat and he froze, watching the slender hand pushing open the door. Then, he got his first–real–look at Dino*12.

In profile, she looked more beautiful than his imagination could ever fill in. Dark-rimmed eyes inspected the container and Berer found himself watching her full lips stretch into a smile. Her hair moved on its own, guided by an electrostatic controller. The tip of each strand glowed with a dusty pink color, casting a blush everywhere. His eyes flicked down to Dino’s small breasts which pushed up against her tactile suit. At the tip, two perk nipples stood up, highlighted by drifting pink light surrounding her.


Her smile grew broader, “Berer.”

Berer let out his held breath with a rush, gasping. Dino grinned and stepped into the private space, closing the steel door behind her. It squealed loudly and she grunted for the last few degrees. Then, she turned back to him.

“You gave very good directions.”

Her eyes twinkled in the light from her own digital displays. Berer barely noticed as he looked at the angel staring before him. His mouth opened slightly in shock and the words he endlessly practiced fled his mind. Dino wrapped her arms around her chest, right below her breasts. She grunted, she spoke softly.

“I thought about so many things to say right now. But, I can’t really get the words out.”

Berer blushed. “Me too.”

Silence filled the container. Berer stared at the ground, unsure of what to say. Across from him, Dino did the same. Then, Berer remembered a couple water bottles in his bag. He walked over and grabbed both, cracking one open and holding it out for her. Dino smiled thankfully and covered the distance between them. Their hands touched when she took it and Berer felt an electric shiver coursing down his spine. Dino giggled and snatched the bottle away.

Berer rubbed his fingers, “I… I never really touched someone before. Not without gloves on.”

Dino smiled, “Feels different, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, it tingles.”

“Not always,” came the knowing response.

“Kind of strange that a vat baby knows more about this world than me.”

“I’m older than you.”

Berer grinned, “And you’ve been out of the vat for what, seven days in your entire life?”

Dino shrugged and smiled. She pointed to the mattress next to Berer. He nodded and they sat down next to each other. Berer couldn’t look directly at her, so he stared at the far end of the container. Even though he didn’t see her, he could smell the flowery perfume that surrounded her. Not a synthetic perfume, but the smell of the neural conductivity fluid. Nothing like the antiseptic smell for the fungus killer, but different than anything he expected. He liked it.

Berer leaned closer, smelling it and Dino turned to face him. Berer froze, inches away from Dino’s face. The pinkish haze that surrounded them reflected off her eyes and she smiled.

“Go ahead,” she whispered.

It took only the slightest distance to kiss her, but it took all of Berer’s willpower to make that move. Their lips touched and he felt an electric surge pouring through him. Soft lips against his own, so warm and soft. He tried to gasp, but his lungs refused to work. Dino slipped one arm around his waist, pulling him close and he melted into her kiss.

Hands stroked his back and shoulders. Berer ran his own palms along Dino’s flanks, cupping the small breasts and teasing the nipples. Then, his fingers dipped lower along the tight belly, fingertips caressing the tactile rubber suit that covered her. Dino stiffened in his touch, but when she didn’t stop him, he delved his right fingers between her legs.

And frozen when he encountered not the smooth line of a woman’s sex but the hard bulge of a man. He explored it, trying to find out if he somehow touched something else. But, the hardness continued to press on his fingers, a pointed contrast to the small breasts above.

Not what he expected.

He cracked open his eyes to see a profoundly sad look on Dino’s face. Her eyes sparkled from her own digital displays, but the lights blurred as tears formed in the corners of her dark-rimmed eyes.

Moving with infinite slowness, Dino pulled away from the kiss. A thin line of saliva connected them for the merest of moments then broke. Underneath his hands, he felt her, no him, trembling. Dino’s lips worked a heartbeat before the whisper came out.


“You are,” he swallowed hard, his hand still hovering over the hardness between Dino’s legs, “a guy?”

A tear formed in Dino’s eye, rolling down the beautiful cheek. Berer felt his heart tearing in two as he struggled with the realization he started to make out with a guy. His fingers trembled with his thoughts and he forced himself to pull his hands away. Dino balanced on the edge of sorrow and more tears ran down his cheek.

“Berer, please listen-”

Berer whispered hoarsely, “Why?”

“I-I just wanted to be with you. Please don’t be angry…”

Berer snatched his hands away and pushed away from Dino. Dino reached out for him, but Berer jerked away and stumbled to his feet. He felt sick and frightened and upset. Gesturing rudely at Dino, he choked on his words.

“We were together for three years! Three years of love and passion, damn it, I loved you! You sent pictures to me, of you! You said it was the real you! I saw your breasts!”

“It was me,” cried the slender man.

“But, you could have told me you were a guy. Don’t you think that was important!?”

Tears of betrayal blurred his vision. He gulped and closed his eyes tightly from the tears. He managed to regain some of his control and he spoke out angrily.

“I spent a year planning this little trip. Getting permissions to come down here, to schedule my disconnection, that damn therapy. I even paid to get you out of the vat for today. Do you know how much that cost me?”

Dino flinched and nodded. Berer raised a hand, balling it into a fist. Hot tears ran down his cheeks.

“You could have told me,” he said plainly, “of all people, you should have told me.” Then, spinning on his heels, he stormed out of the container. His palms slapped hard on the steel door, slamming it shut behind him. It banged loudly, then swung open. One of the air purifiers lifted up from the ground to follow him, pushing back the acidic smog as Berer stalked away.

Berer made it almost a kilometer before he remembered his possessions back in the container. He considered leaving them behind, to cast aside so many years together with Dino. He stopped near a shattered concrete pillar and leaned against it. A piece of rebar jammed into his back, but he ignored it. He tried to close his eyes, but the tears wouldn’t come.

After a few minutes, he sighed.

“Damn it.”

Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a small holographic projector. Running his thumbs on the edge, he dialed through the commands to the “Delete”. Pressing it, he rolled through the items to “All” and pressed it again.

“Are you sure?” chirped the small device. Berer sighed, then canceled the command. Running through the menus, he replayed the last message he got, only a few hours before.

“Hi, cutie,” said the ghostly simulated velociraptor, “they are about to pull me from the tanks. I can’t wait to finally see you! I love you so much!” The dinosaur blew him a kiss and Berer felt a smile tugging on his lip. He hit play again, remembering that burst of love he felt when he first saw it.

A year. A year of planning and hoping. Helping Dino through his own therapy to brave the world for a single day. A year of working on his own insurance, to allow him to disconnect without sending in the paramedics or police. The permits, the regulations, and even his own psych exams to brave the world without computers. Even the months it took for him to find a way down into the bowels of the world, below the smog, so they could enjoy each other without computers or monitors. He remembered so much effort and realize he just threw it away.

Sighing, he closed the projector and jammed it back into his pocket. He felt the tears drying on his face and sat there, staring up at the violent storm above him. Lighting crackled through the acid clouds. Finally, he pushed himself from the concrete. Shoving his hands into his pockets, he started the slow walk back to the cargo container.

If felt like forever by the time he returned to the rusted container. He almost missed it, except for the hum of the other purifiers and the soft sobs that drifted out the cracked open door. Berer trembled as he reached the door, scraping his hand on the rough metal and pulled it open.

Dino sat on the mattress, lit by his pink halo. He buried his face in his hands and, even from the door, Berer could see hot tears splashing down to soak the mattress. He pulled open the door and it screeched. Dino’s head snapped up, his mouth opening in shock.


Berer felt uneasy as he stepped into the container.

“I’m surprised you are still here.”

Dino choked back a sob of his own. “I got dropped off. We were… it was going to be just you and me all day.”

Berer sighed and closed the door behind him. It felt utterly different, standing inside the container with a man, but he walked across the steel floor and stood in front of Dino. His companion looked up at him, a mixture of hope and fear in his expression. Berer knelt down on the edge of the mattress. He reached out for Dino’s hands and Dino let him. He pulled them close before he whispered to his friend.

“I’m sorry.”

“I-I should have told you.”

Berer nodded, “Yes, you should. But, you didn’t magically turn into a male in those three years, have you?”

Dino favored him with a hesitant smile, “No, I’ve always been male.”

“But, I’m going to ask about the breasts, you know.”

Dino blushed and cupped his breasts with his hands. The rubber suit he wore stretched around the fingers.

“I got these the first time I got out of the vats. I wanted to see the world for real. It took me two years of psyche just to handle it, but when I got out,” he whimpered, “I was so scared. And lonely. No therapy could warn me about all those people… up there,” he pointed toward the ceiling. He giggled, then spoke again.

“And well, I found this shop in China that offered implants in an hour. An hour later, I had these tits and felt a lot better. You know,” he smiled “I usually prefer to be female on-line.”

“Yeah, I noticed,” Berer remarked.

Dino tweaked his own nipples, “Ever since, I never wanted to get rid of them. And it looks great floating in the vats.”

Berer smiled at the thought, “Didn’t go all the way?”

Dino shrugged, “I thought about it, but I can only be out once a year at the most. Who was going to care? I can’t feel myself in the vats. I don’t masturbate. It seems silly to turn myself into a female if I only can do something one day a year.”

Berer chuckled, “They look nice, though.”

Dino cupped them again, then grinned.

“Want to see them?”

Berer nodded meekly. Dino pulled his hands back and reached up for the seal to his suit, a fold of rubber than ran from throat to groin. He twisted it open and parted it. Underneath, Berer saw the silkiest skin in his life, smooth and untouched by sun, scars, or even another man’s touch. Dino twisted his back slightly as he worked the rubber suit open, spreading it to expose the pair of small, perky breasts. Berer found his heart beating faster as he stared at them. The tiny dusky tips looked more real than anything he’d seen in his life.

And for the first time, he wanted to touch something for real.

Dino looked up at him through his eyelashes. Moving his eyes from Dino’s breasts to his look, Berer found himself struggling with the very idea of gender before him. He knew Dino was male, but those eyes balanced on the line and he wasn’t sure what to believe anymore.

Mistaking his inaction for hesitation, Dino inhaled and pushed the breasts up. His voice grew soft and sultry, a whisper of a lover. “Go ahead.”

Berer felt strange, like something clutched his heart and the world spun around him. He reached out with his hands, the large digits easily spreading out over the breasts. Shaking, he touched the hard nipple and gasped at the warmth he felt. Fingers circled around one tip, rolling it between his longest fingers. Dino bit his lower lip, smiling encouragingly. Berer spread his fingers along Dino’s right breast, enjoying the electric tingles of touching a real person instead of some virtual construct.

Panting, Berer ran his other hand along the bottom edge of Dino’s left breast. The soft skin smelled of perfume and chemicals and his cock grew hard at the intimate touch. He could hear Dino’s breath, shallow but slow. Berer cupped both of them, rolling the hard nipples between his finger and thumb. His eyes flickered up to Dino’s eyes, watching the smoldering heat beyond the flickering displays.

Gulping, he said, “Turn off your systems.”

Dino looked up with a surprise then ducked his head with a sheepish grin. Breasts still in Berer’s hands, he reached up to tap the disable code on his forehead. Systems flickering and Dino locked gazes with Berer. Then, the cybernetic systems shut down and his eyes grew unfocused. As soon as the eyes went dark, Dino gasped and straightened, pushing his breasts into Berer’s hands. Berer stroked them, holding them as he stared into Dino’s unseeing eyes. He could feel his lover trembling.

Then, the eyes came into focus, devoid of digital displays and filled with only human emotions.

“B-Berer?” Dino cried, not really seeing anything. Berer leaned forward, pressing one knee between Dino’s legs. His hands slipped away from the smooth mounds to circle around Dino’s slender waist. Dino whimpered and shivered, then clutched to Berer as he struggled to experience the world without computers. Berer buried his face in Dino’s nape, holding him tightly as Dino clutched him. Fresh tears came to his lover’s face, splashing down on Berer’s shoulder.

“I’m scared.”

“I’m here,” Berer said as compassionately as he could. Dino held him for a long time. When Berer’s back grew uncomfortable, he shifted which brought his cheek against Dino. Dino gasped and pulled back, his mouth seeking for Berer’s.

“I’m sorry,” whispered Dino in a girlish whimper.

Berer considered so many responses, but Dino leaned forward and kissed him. The touch of Dino to his own lips sent a powerful electric bolt through his senses. It felt like liquid lighting coursing through his body, teasing and drawing him together. It stole his breath away and, Berer realized, didn’t feel any different then when thought Dino was female. He smiled and let his eyes close.

The world focused on his kiss then on Dino’s tongue as it flickered out. Berer touched it with his own, drawing it into his own mouth, then pushing his tongue into Dino’s. Dino’s mouth tasted different that he expected, sweet and tangy but wonderful. He trembled at the intensity, but couldn’t draw himself away from that incredible human contact.

He reached up with his hands, cupping Dino’s breasts for a moment then pushing up underneath the rubber. Dino’s body shook as Berer pushed the suit off his shoulders, pulling it down to expose his lover’s arms to the cool air. Dino clutched at Berer like he drowned, holding tight while Berer pulled the rubber suit further apart.

Hands delved once again between Dino’s legs. Berer’s fingertips worked into the seam and splayed it open. He sought the tip of Dino’s cock underneath the material, hard and slick at the touch.

Berer hesitated, struggling the idea of masculinity and femininity. Dino broke the kiss again, a line connecting them. He looked down at Berer’s hand, then up into his eyes. Berer never realized Dino possessed such beautiful blue eyes.

“You don’t have to,” he breathed.

Berer though for a moment, then split the seal even more. His hands twisted as he wrapped them around Dino’s cock. Tips caressed the hairless base, circling around to tease the tight balls underneath. Dino panted, his mouth open wide as he stared at Berer with burning eyes. Berer smiled warmly and pumped his hand along Dino’s shaft.

Dino’s member felt narrow but long in Berer’s hand. A pointed tip hairless from end to end. Two small balls at the end, which felt like robin’s eggs. Berer split the seam open completely, feeling it more than seeing as it opened clear past Dino’s tailbone, exposing everything to his touch.

Berer kept his hand on his lover’s shaft, pumping until wet slurping filled his ears. Dino trembled, then fell back. His hips jerked up, pushing into Berer’s hand. Berer reached down with his other hand, grabbing Dino’s balls and rolling them with his fingers while the other pumped fast, lubricated by Dino’s precum.

Clutching the blankets on the mattress, Dino whimpered. Berer stopped, half afraid, but Dino shook his head.

“No, don’t stop!” he moaned. Berer resumed pumping, feeling his own cock growing hot and hard with his actions. Dino’s shaft throbbed in his palm and he pumped harder, using the lubrication to jack with deep strokes. His other hand slipped from the balls and he caressed the tiny wrinkled opening hidden below. Dino let out a wail of pleasure, then his cock exploded in Berer’s hands.

Berer stared in shock at the white fluid pooling his hands. It surged out of Dino’s tip, splattering on digits. A few wet globs slipped between his fingers to splash on Dino’s bare stomach. Dino gasped, pumping the air with his hips before slumping to the ground. Berer didn’t tear his eyes away from the cum, surprised and terrified as he held it. Dino opened his eyes and smiled.

“I… never expected that.”

Berer smiled hesitantly. Dino caught his look, then glanced around. Spotting a cleaning cloth in Berer’s bag, he grabbed it and wiped the cum from Berer’s hand; the smell of alcohol drifted up to the larger man’s senses. Then, Dino carefully cleaned himself off.

“Better start using a condom, huh?”

Berer laughed, “Yes, I wasn’t expecting it to come out so easily.”

Dino giggled. “I haven’t done anything in a year, plus it felt so,” he drawled out the word, “good.”


Dino caught Berer’s attention and smiled at him. “It wasn’t too bad, was it?”

“No, no!” Berer shook his head, “I just wasn’t expecting it. It felt so warm and hard at the same time.”

Dino purred and reached up to kiss him again.

“Thank you.”

Berer kissed him back, holding him tightly to his chest. Dino giggled into the embrace, but then closed his eyes and opened his mouth further. Berer teased and touched him, stroking his hands on Dino’s breasts and stomach as his tongue flickered in and out. When he broke, he gave a warm smile to Dino.

“That wasn’t so bad.”

Dino gazed at the mattress, smiling sheepishly, “Even if I’m a guy? Who is sometimes a girl?”

Berer shrugged, “I guess. I mean, we change our shape so often on-line. Remember last week when you convinced me to be a dinosaur when we fucked in that jungle VR?”

Dino giggled, “Or that time you got to be the pitcher plant?”

Berer groaned, “I am never doing plant sex again.”

“Aww, I liked that.”

Berer rolled his eyes, “You would. But, you are a sick little puppy.”

Dino grinned slyly, “Never did that one.”

“And you won’t!” laughed Berer.

Giggling, Dino worked his suit off his legs, pulling the tactile material off his skin. It slipped off with a slurp and it left him completely bare. Except for his pink hair and eyebrows, he didn’t have a single other strand on his body. His breasts lifted with his breath and Berer found his gaze moving between nipples and balls. He caught sight of Dino’s asshole and cleared his throat.

“Um, Dino?”

Dino curled his feet underneath his body, leaning to the side to give Berer a view of his breasts, balls, and buttocks.


“You know, I’m not gay, right? We tried that on-line and I didn’t like it.”

Dino’s face fell, then he spoke softly. “I liked it when you stuck it in me.”

Berer smiled, “Yeah, I liked that.”

“And you didn’t mind when I gave you head or you fucked me in the ass, right?”

Berer nodded. Dino looked hopefully, “Do you think, maybe, possibly, that you’d do the same?”

“I… I…” Berer struggled with his words, “I don’t want you sticking that,” he pointed to Dino’s dick, “in me.”

Dino giggled and wiggled his ass, “I wasn’t planning on sticking anything you.”

“You weren’t?”

“No, I want to feel you inside me, nothing more.”

Berer gulped, “Are you sure?”

Dino reached over and pointed to his ass, “I want you in here,” he lifted his finger to his mouth, “and here. That is the only place a dick is going in tonight, okay?”

Berer felt his manhood jerking back to life. “I could do that.”

Dino whimpered and wiggled his ass again, “Now?”

“Yeah, I could. Um, get a condom?”

Rolling on his hands and knees, Dino crawled over to Berer’s bag and dug into it. Berer stood up and split open his suit, stripping out quickly as he stared at Dino’s ass, trying to imagine what it would feel like to be inside those slender hips. He dropped his suit to the ground by the time Dino pulled out a small, flat condom box and turned around.

Dino froze, then smiled broadly. “You’re beautiful.”

Berer looked down at his body: lightly muscular with a thin layer of hair over his chest and legs. His cock stood up straight, thick and tall with two furred balls below. He looked over to Dino’s hairless body.

“I look like a gorilla.”

Crawling over, Dino purred with a broad smile on his face.

“I want a gorilla right now.”

“Oh, oh.” They both laughed. Dino brought his hands up to Berer’s cock, stroking the thick member. It didn’t take long for Berer to grow to full length, his cock throbbing in Dino’s delicate hands. Taking the condom out, Dino rolled it on Berer’s shaft. The micro-thin material squeezed along his length, conforming to every bulge and vein. A moment later, it grew transparent except for a single tab at the base.

Dino licked his lips, then reached up with his mouth, kissing the tip. Berer gasped, feeling the warm mouth circling around the tip of his cock. He stared down and Dino caught his gaze, staring intently as the mouth teased his glans. Berer’s manhood felt intensely hot and about to burst, but Dino only teased it for a few seconds before withdrawing.

“Normally, I’d finish, but I want you inside me now.”

Berer nodded, lips parted with anticipation. Dino sat back, then motioned for Berer. Berer knelt back down between his lover’s legs. Dino lifted them and hooked them on Berer’s hips. Berer’s cock jumped at the tight, looking down at his goal. Then Dino reached up to grabbed Berer’s head with both hands.

“Kiss me,” he whispered.

Berer leaned into the kiss, his cock dropping down to rest on Dino’s belly, right along the other shaft between them. Their kiss surged through his body, bringing even more life to the hardness between his legs. Dino’s hips shifted, bringing their members together, rubbing them. Berer’s slipped underneath Dino’s and he pushed them together, using the friction of their bodies to pump in the air.

“Slow, slow…” whispered Dino.

Berer slowed down, running back and forth with longer and longer strikes. He could feel his tip caressing the side of Dino’s shaft, then around the base. Then, it bumped on his balls before Berer finally aimed it further below.

Dino lifted his legs higher, curling them to hook them on Berer’s shoulder. Berer rested his glans right along the pucker of his lover’s ass. Dino closed his eyes, his lips parted with anticipation.

“Please?” begged Dino. Berer pushed his hips forward, lodging his member further into the tight little hole. The condom grew slick with the heat and it slipped further in. Dino whimpered from the sensations and tightened his legs, bringing his hips up away from Berer’s aching shaft. Then, he lowered himself back down, nestling the cock and forcing it a few more centimeters inside. Berer leaned forward, finding a good position, then stopped as he felt his thick head slowly burying itself in the hot depths of his lover.

Berer held Dino’s knees tightly. Finding a good angle, he pushed his hips forward. His slick shaft slipped deeper into the tight opening before encountering resistance. Berer wasn’t sure what to do, but he continued to increase the pressure on it, watching his length slowly slide into the opening. He gaped, marveling at how Dino’s ring stretched around the crown of his cock head and the pressures that built up.

It felt nothing like when he masturbated.

Inching forward, he groaned with every twitch that buried more of his cock into his lover. He felt the heat and tightness squeezing him, grinding down, but the slick condom paved the way for him to just slide in. Dino’s body trembled with his own feelings, his back arching and his cock throbbing. Berer released Dino’s knees to grab the base of both cocks. One hand stuffed his length into Dino’s ass while the other pumped slowly along the pale white shaft. Dino’s precum soaked his fingers and hands, but he just pumped harder.

Half way into the tight body of his lover, Berer stopped. He panted with the overload of feelings burning through him. Dino twisted his hips, whimpering for more. Berer gave it to him, sliding it in even further and enjoying every inch of the tight, clenching pleasure.

He couldn’t bottom out with his first try. The pressure grew too much for him and he pulled out with a gasp. His eyes riveted to Dino’s opening, staring at it as it gaped open, then clenched tightly into a tiny hole.

“More, please more,” whimpered Dino.

Berer squeezed Dino’s cock tightly and used it for balance, shoving his cock back into the heated opening. He never wanted to leave. This time, it slid in deeper, balls deep. He held it there for a long moment, enjoying every pulse of pleasure in his body.

“I’ve never done this before,” he whispered.

“You are doing wonderfully. You’re so thick and hot.”

“Good,” Berer pulled his shaft out, the slick member easily sliding from the clenching hole. Just as his cock head bulged at the opening, he shoved it in a bit harder and faster. It slid quickly in and Dino gasped. Berer froze, but Dino opened his eyes with a smile.


Berer gave more, holding both cocks in his hands. He flexed his ass and began to stroke, slowly at first but quickly growing into deep thrusts that slapped against Dino’s tight ass. His balls slapped against his lover’s tail bone, scraping on the blanket, but he couldn’t leave the liquid heat inside Dino’s body, not for long.

It didn’t take Berer more than a minute before he reached the crest of pleasure. Unfamiliar sensations assaulted his senses, so tight and incredible. The heat wrapped around his shaft. Dino’s moans echoed off the walls. Berer flashed through a year’s worth of fantasies and sex on-line, but nothing compared to the feelings of touching Dino for real, feeling the trembling body and the gasps that no audio system could duplicate. He grabbed Dino’s knees again, almost folding his lover in half so he could reach in as far as possible. He desperately wanted to get every inch stuffed into the hot confines of his lover. His balls and hips slapped loudly on flesh and he felt his orgasm growing.

Lost in the intense, primal sensations, he held Dino down and drove forward with all his might. His cock punched all the way in, balls deep, then he yanked it out with a rush. Before the tight opening could close, he jammed it back in, finding a hard, fast stroke that only lasted seconds.

He came with a rush and he froze in mid-stroke. Every iota of his focus grew to his dick, feeling how his semen surged out, flooding the condom. It kept pouring out, like jets of searing liquid, and he shook from the effort to hold his dick inside.

When he stopped, he felt sweat pouring down his face and shoulders. It felt dirty and exiting at the same time. His hands tingled with the incredible sensations of a real body underneath his own. Dino reached up for him and Berer took his hands, intertwining fingers together.

His lover whispered softly, “Worth it?”

Berer chuckled, suddenly overcome with an intense desire to go to sleep. He yawned, “Why am I tired?”

“Love,” giggled Dino. Then he slid his legs off Berer’s shoulders and reached up to pull Berer into a hug. Berer kept his shaft buried inside Dino and leaned forward. They kissed once again, the soft intoxication sensations bringing new lift to the softening member. Dino held him tightly, smiling into his eyes.

“I dreamed about this, so many times.”

“I wish it could last forever.”

Sadness flashed over Dino’s face, “Just for-”

Berer silence him with a quick kiss. “Quiet.”

Dino closed his mouth with a smile. Berer pulled out of Dino. Stripping the condom off, he tossed it into the corner before sliding his body next to Dino’s. Dino turned as he nestled into place, pressing his back against Berer’s muscular chest. Berer slipped a hand under Dino’s arm, reaching around to cup the soft breast with his hand. Dino purred and leaned back into him. Together, they stared at the far side of the container, not really seeing more than feeling each other.

Outside, the storm finally broke and acid rain began to pour down. The air purifiers kicked into high gear, whining as they pushed back the toxic chemicals. Berer closed his eyes and listened to the pattern of liquid on the steel containers.

Warmth filled Berer’s body and he smiled. He leaned forward and spoke quietly in Dino’s ear.



“If you had a chance, do you want me to pay to have you turned into a full female? I know you prefer it online?”

Dino’s body stiffened, then he shook his head minutely. “I can play anything I want online. Even though entire networks call me a woman, I’d rather have the real me, the male with breasts and pink hair, be our little secret. I might giggle and flirt online, but you’ll be the only one who really knows who I am beside that terminal.”

Berer smiled at the words. “Seems like a pretty big secret. If it was known that you have a dick, you’d lose at least a dozen suitors.”

Dino turned over to kiss him. “And probably get two dozen more. Herms are hot, you know.”

They laughed and settled back into place. The rain continued to pour down on the rusted steel, drumming Berer into dozing. He stared past Dino’s naked body and found himself admiring the hard, cruel edges of reality. He felt the hours passed without know the seconds and he realized that, he liked it. Just him and his lover, sprawled out in the shadows.

Dino whispered softly.


“Yes, love?” it felt good to say that word, to hear it echo on the walls.

Dino purred, then pushed back again, his tight ass caressing Berer’s cock.

“I don’t have much time left, shouldn’t we be fucking?”

Berer thought for a moment, then shook his head.

“We can have sex on-line anytime. I’d rather hold you when I can.”

“Oh. I like that then.”

Berer buried his face in the crook of Dino’s neck, breathing in the smell of perfume and his lover. His lips curled into a sly smile.

“Not to say we won’t be fucking later.”

And they kissed with the rain pounding on top of their private little hideaway, lost under the smog of society, away from everything but themselves.

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