Bailey worried her bottom lip as she reached the top of the stairs. The upstairs was a lot creepier at night when she knew there was a ghost haunting the place. She shivered and wrapped her arms around her chest as she peeked into one room.

Sweat prickled her brow as she looked into the ruined rooms. There wasn't a lot of light inside the house and the street lights made everything look like claws and teeth.

Kayla's bait comment worried her. Bailey wondered how much of her enthusiasm was driven by her need to see a real ghost—something that she had dreamed about since she was a little girl—or coming up face-to-face with one of the most gorgeous women she had ever seen. Had she made a mistake thinking with her pussy and a desperation to do something besides watch her plummet into her personal hell of poor decisions?

She scoffed. Walking around a haunted house was probably right up there in the other poor decisions in her life. Though, sleeping in a car in a random spot always seemed more terrifying that the idea that she would be finding a ghost. At least, she knew there was a ghost as opposed to never knowing it was an animal or a rapist coming up in the middle of the night.

Well, it felt safer until she was walking alone in a dark house with the only competent person downstairs.

Bailey stopped at the master bedroom. Looking at the scattered pillows, she felt a blush forming on her cheeks. She still couldn't believe that she was masturbating like a fucking slut when Kayla came into the room. But the unreadable stare made the orgasm so intense, it was like the first time she kissed Alison or the intensity that had lead to the fateful making out that got her kicked out of the house.

But then Kayla didn't even mention it. No sly innuendos, no snide comments. Just nothing. It was much different than her parents. Better, Bailey thought, but she was hoping that Kayla would reciprocate at least some response.

“I guess she really doesn't like humans.”

Bailey shook her head. She had to inspect the rest of the upstairs.

Turning around, she bumped her face into Kayla's sizable breasts.

Adrenaline exploded inside her as she stumbled back. “Jesus Fucking Christ!” as she swung up her left arm to shield herself. Her knees caught the edge of the bed and she tumbled back.

Kayla didn't move from her spot.

“Fuck!” gasped Bailey. “I thought you were the ghost.”

“You are safe up here. She's manifesting in the living room.”

“Living… then why am I up here?”

Kayla finally moved. Stepping forward, she placed one knee on the bed and loomed over Bailey.

A flush of heat and lust flooded the younger woman. She looked up and felt dwarfed by the hunter. Tiny and very vulnerable, two things that always set off her fantasy. Her lips parted as she breathed heavily.

“Everyone responds to fear different,” said Kayla in a low voice that Bailey could almost feel in her chest. “You blocked with your left hand and I needed to know that.”

“Y-You could have asked,” Bailey said as she thought about reaching up to kiss Kayla.

“Most people don't pay attention to details like this.” Bracing herself, Kayla hefted what looked like a chain mail cuff. Without a word, she pried Bailey's left arm from her chest and held it firmly in her grip.

Bailey whimpered softly, one leg rising up as she tried to clamp her thighs together to avoid creating a wet spot in her jeans.

Kayla's hands were sure as she strapped on the cold metal. “This is cold iron. If the ghost tries to bite or claw you, this will prevent you from getting hurt.” Her fingers stroked along Bailey's skin as delicate as a lover as she made sure nothing would pinch when she cinched it shut.

Trembling, Bailey could only stare into Kayla's face as the moment grew more intimate.

“In fact,” Kayla said seemingly aware of Bailey's response, “if things get violent, I want her to bite this rather than anything else. But be careful, some Scorned Women also have claws. I don't have a lot for those because iron over the heart somehow gives them too much warning and they get wary. That makes them think more and that makes it more dangerous for everyone.”

Bailey licked her lips. “So, what else?”

Kayla looked at her and then gave a sudden smile. “Don't mind being bait?”

It didn't take Bailey long to find an answer. “No. This is scary but fun. I think because I trust you… if you are close.”

“Don't put faith in heroes, we will always fail you.”

“You won't fail me,” Bailey said in a whisper.

Kayla's fingers froze, their light touch right against Bailey's shoulder.

It would have taken only a little turn to bring them to her neck, but Bailey didn't want to push. She just stared into Kayla's eyes and wished that the moment would never own.

With a gulp, Kayla pulled back. “She's downstairs in the corner of the living room by the light.”

The moment was broken.

Bailey sighed and wondered if she would ever get laid again by anyone as beautiful. She pushed herself up into a sitting position. “What do I do?”

“Talk to her. Be nice, be wary. There is almost always a drop in temperature when they get angry, that's when you need to be ready.” Kayla held out her hand and helped Bailey to her feet.

“And what will you be doing?”

“Hoping that she focuses on you. The first step is to stop the violence, then we can work at breaking her anchor to this world. But to stop the violence, the Scorned Woman needs to lose her temper. That brings up the memories and may give us a hint to the best way it works.”

Bailey's chest hurt and her muscles felt tight, but the anticipation and excitement slowly eroded to the flickering lust. She decided she'll just masturbate for hours once this was over; tonight would give her material for months.


Bailey took a deep breath. “Yeah, I think so.”

“You'll do great.”


Together, they headed down the stairs. She noticed that Kayla stepped strangely and her feet made no noise as she did. Somehow, knowing how Kayla had surprised her only made Bailey more in awe of the woman.

At the bottom, Kayla gestured for Bailey to go through the living room while she headed back through the kitchen.

Trembling, Bailey prepared herself to see her first ghost. She stepped into the living room and scanned the room.

The first thing she noticed was streamers of fog that were gathering along the floor. A flickering light in the corner played tricks on her eyes, she could almost imagine there was a woman standing next it.

With a gasp, she realized she was seeing a ghost.

The Scorned Woman tilted her head as she focused an intense stare at Bailey. It was like Kayla's, intense and powerful. The sight of it seemed to connect directly to Bailey's clitoris and she felt the heat rising as she held up her hand.


The ghostly woman stepped through the fake chair. Her body was translucent and flickering, rippling in and out of sight like waves on water. She looked to be very slender, with her white hair in a tight bun. Bailey's eyes flickered down to focus on the long, claw-like fingernails. Trembling, she lifted her eyes.

The ghostly woman had covered half the distance between them. She was only five feet away. The black pits of her eyes seemed to focus directly into Bailey's soul as she tilted her head the other way.

“I-I'm Bailey. W-What's your name?” Bailey was surprised how terrified she was in that moment. Even with her faith in Kayla, there was actual proof of the supernatural in front of her and she was more terrified and aroused than she had ever been in her life.

“Why. Are. You. Here?” The Scorned Woman's mouth didn't quite move in sync with the words that were echoing from every surface.

Bailey gulped. “I'm here to see why you… what is keeping you here.”

“Are you…” The Scorned Woman's body grew more solid as a flickering glow surrounded her. Her mouth worked silently before the words came out, “Jacob's slut?”

Not quite ready to enrage the ghost, Bailey whimpered and glanced around. She spotted Kayla standing near the pizza box. She had something in her hand but Bailey couldn't set it. Their eyes met.

Kayla gave her a thumbs up.

“Shit,” muttered Bailey. “Is Jacob your husband?”

The glow around the ghost grew brighter. “He said, to wait until his chores were through. I waited, waited and waited.” The woman's lips pulled back to reveal a mouth filled with sharp teeth.

She seemed to grow more solid. “But he never came back. I have the letter but I lost it. I can't find his letter. It was on the tree and he said he would come when his chores were through, but he never came back!”

A wave of cold radiated from the ghost.

Bailey whimpered. She clenched her arms as she inched back from the approaching ghost. She could feel her nipples standing up through her shirt.

“I found him. I found him fucking the slut!” The teeth were getting longer. “He was fucking the slut! In and out, out and in!”

The lights flickered violently, then flared once before being extinguished.

“Oh, shit,” whimpered Bailey in the sudden darkness.

Then a blast of ice slammed into her face.

With a scream, Bailey threw her left arm up.

Something powerful clamped down on it. She could feel sharp points digging into her skin through the chain mail. Then sharp burns raked along her shoulder and arm.

“Fuck” screamed Bailey as she fell back. Blinded and terrified, Bailey flailed helplessly as she almost lost control of her bladder. “Kayla! Kayla!”

The ground shook for a moment and then something massive loomed over her.

Bailey cried out as she tried to pull her arm away from the ghost biting it.

There was a flash of Kayla's hands in the light from the window and then the chain mail seemed to burst apart.

“She's going to bite me!” wailed Bailey.

A high-pitched screech filled the room, a sounds that no living being could have made. It was too high and howling, piercing Bailey's ears even as she tried to cover them.

Then something hit the wall.

“Flashlight behind you!” carried Kayla, her voice cracking. At the foot of the stairs and one by the front door!"

Bailey froze, her heart pounding in her chest.

Kayla let out a grunt but she was moving too fast in and out of the light to see what she was doing. It looked like she had a metal chain in her hands but it was caught up with the Scorned Woman's hair that flailed in all directions.

Fear for Kayla broke Bailey's fear. She scrambled for the front door and dropped to her knees. She found a heavy light and flicked it on. Turning around, she shone it into the living room where Kayla wrestled with the ghost.

Despite the ghost being somewhat translucent, she had no trouble throwing herself forward and back, bucking like a bronco. Her frail form picked Kayla completely off the ground before slamming her back.

Kayla had her powerful thighs wrapped around the ghost's waist as she rode the Scorned Woman's back. She had a chain in both hands, the metal coming around the ghost's head. It was jammed between her lips, forcing her teeth apart.

Bailey's hand shook, flashing the light as she watched Kayla struggle.

With a grunt, Kayla twisted the chain tight against the back of the ghost's head.

The ghost dropped to her knees, her claws tearing deep gouges out of the wooden floors to reveal that it was just vinyl planks instead of real floors.

Kayla looped the chain over the ghost's head again, forcing the jaw further apart. Then another loop pried the dripping maw further apart before Kayla tied it off.

Bailey gasped. “Fuck,” she gasped.

Kayla grinned, her eyes burning with an excitement that Bailey couldn't help but feel herself. She dug into her pocket and pulled out a padlock. With a quick click, she bolted the chain into place.

Pulling back, she slammed her entire body into the ghost.

The impact drove the ghost into the ground but her body was crushed against the wood for a moment before she started to think.

“Get the caulk gun,” snapped Kayla as she gestured to a metal, gun-like device on the floor near the pizza box. It had a white tube in it and something oozing out of an opening at the end.

Bailey stumbled and rushed through the kitchen. Her heart pounded in her ears as she grabbed it. It looked like the caulk that her father used to seal a bathroom. “G-Got it!”

“Draw a bit circle around the both of us!”


Kayla's head snapped to stared at her. Her eyes were dark, almost black. “Obey!” she bellowed in a deep, commanding voice.

The words struck Bailey's pussy with an intense heat that almost ignited into an orgasm. Her panties were creamed in an instant, even before she stumbled forward. “What the fuck…?” she gasped.

It took Bailey a few seconds to figure out how to hold the strange device. It had a trigger. When she pulled it, more of the white stuff oozed out. After a second, she jammed the plastic end into the ground and squeezed.

While she worked, Kayla continued to struggle with the ghost. She managed to somehow grab her arm and pull it out from the floor. Between her thighs, the ghost thrashed violently.

“W-What is going on?” Bailey asked.

“She's trying to escape.” Even though she was being jerked around, Kayla's voice was remarkably calm.

“What is this stuff?”

“Silicon and salt.” Kayla was panting as she pried the other hand up, twisting them back behind the ghost's back and clamping down. “It makes a salt ring to keep her in place. The caulk makes it stick so ghosts can't blow it away.”

The gun spurted, but Bailey just doubled up the line before continuing to move around. It was remarkably easy to smear a large circle. “This is cool.”

“It was At The Real… Gary's idea. His formula didn't work for a couple of jobs, but we found the right combination. Four parts salt, one park caulk. Has to be white though.” Kayla grunted as she pinned the ghost's arm against the small of her back. With white knuckles holding it in place, she fumbled for the other flailing arm.

“What are you doing?”

“Getting these claws out of the way.”

Bailey gulped as she continued to leave a salted bead along the floor. It was going to ruin the place but she didn't care any more. Gwen was a terrible person and deserved everything she got.

By the time she finished the salt circle, Kayla had managed to capture the ghost's other arm, twist it back, and cuffed the two together. She panted as she kept the ghost pinned to the ground with her body.

The woman thrashed and kicked. She looked more solid than before. Now, she just wailed as she tried to pry herself up.

Kayla sighed and then smiled. Pushing herself up, she walked away from the ghost who continued to writhe on the floor. She stepped over the calk ring and right up to Bailey.

Bailey had to clamp her thighs together as Kayla loomed over her. But that felt useless as when Kayla grabbed her arm and began to inspect it.

“Did she break the skin?”

The firm, commanding way Kayla just took her limb made the heat and moisture redouble. Bailey glanced at the ghostly woman on the floor, taking in the chain gag and the way her arms were firmly bound behind her back. She looked utterly helpless and Bailey wanted to be in her position at that moment.

“Bailey! Did she break skin?”


“Good,” Kayla said. She stepped back.

Bailey caught a familiar scent in the air. It was an excited woman but it wasn't her. With a sly glance, she peered down to see that Kayla had a damp patch between her legs.

Kayla blushed and turned her hips away. “She isn't human. This part… always gets me.”

With a giggle fueled by the adrenaline still in her system, Bailey gestured to the ghost. “That's what revs your engine? Terrifying teeth, deadly claws, and having to wrestle a ghost to the ground?”

Kayla's hard nipples were sticking up through her bra and shirt. She cringed and then nodded. “Yeah, pretty much.”

Bailey moaned. “I wish a ghost right now.”

“Go for becoming a werewolf. They are much better in bed.”

Another giggle and a flicker of hope.

Kayla grinned and then laughed silently, her shoulders shaking and her tits jiggling.

Knowing that the hunter was a lost cause didn't make the lust go away, but Bailey could see how erotic it was to wrestle the ghost. She joined in and they laughed for a moment.

Then, as the amusement faded, she pointed to the ghost again. “Did you get what you need?”

Kayla shrugged and nodded. “Yeah. The Woman's name is Abigail Mars. Jacob Portage was her boyfriend, but he ended up marrying Helen.”

“The slut!” screamed Abigail. The chain obviously didn't silence her as the sound emanated from the walls.

“Abigail didn't take it well, got arrested a few times. He ended up having her committed to a sanatorium for a few years before she got out. She died at thirty here in the house.”

Bailey stared at her.

“The Internet,” Kayla said. “The house is well researched. But everyone assumed that Jacob still had feelings for her and focused on bringing those two together.”

The ghost lifted her head. “He did, I know he did. He loved me.”

“He didn't,” Kayla said in her firm voice. “In fact, he was quite happy until he died at eight-seven. His wife died a few days later. They were both cremated about eighty years ago.”

Bailey looked at the ghost who was now staring at them with black eyes. “What now?”

“The letter is probably what kept her there, it was her hope he would return.”

Abigail cried out, a otherworldly screech that rattled the walls. “He will be back! He will!” She strained at the cuffs as she rolled onto her back and then to her stomach. Her body smashed up against the salt ring and she flinched back with a hiss.

“Unfortunately, Gwen burned that. I couldn't find even a scrap of paper, so she doesn't have any anchor. That's what is causing her to be more violent, the hope that Jacob would return has been destroyed. Without a reminder, her mind is cracking and she will spiral into violence and insanity until she fades away.”

Kayla sighed, her face dropping. “It's terrible when that happens. You see the hope fading and then the anger comes back. They lash out without knowing why because they have nothing left, nothing to remind them of what it is like to be human.”

There was something in Kayla's voice that told Bailey that Kayla had experienced it personally. Bailey reached out and rested her hand on the muscular arm. “W-What do we do now?”

“Well, most hunters would just salt the hell out of the house or burn it down.”


“I'd rather give her peace and let her move on. To do that, we have to give her a new anchor, a new reason to feel human. And then use that to release her.” There was something in Kayla's voice, an excitement breaking through the omnipresent seriousness she took everything else.

Bailey shook her head. “E-Excuse me? We are going to give a ghost a new connection to life?”

Kayla grinned at her. It was almost unsettling as the stare that followed.

Bailey felt something quickening inside her heart. The look was intense but it also had something that Kayla hadn't shown before, excitement. “W-What?”

“I think… this is where our two interests are going to coincide. Where other hunters see something to be destroyed, I see is a woman who hasn't had a considerate lover for centuries. I bet she just needs a really good orgasm to let nature take its course.”

Stunned, Bailey could only whimper as a hot liquid flash coursed through her body. She knew what she hard, but she couldn't imagine it was somehow true. “We… are going to fuck a ghost?”

Abigail froze, looking up with pitch-black eyes. “You are going to do what?”

Kayla's grin widened. “Not quite. We're going to edge a ghost by bringing her to the edge of an orgasm and back off until the only thing she can think about is that desperate urge to come.”

“F-Fuck,” whimpered Bailey as she grew wetter. Orgasm denial had been one of her fantasies, not to mention the occasional naughty thought of being bound in a chastity belt or being forced to straddle a vibrator for hours.

“And then, when poor Abigail is truly desperate, completely committed to finally having an orgasm, then… we give to her.”

The ghost whimpered. She scissored her legs together as she stared at them.

Kayla knelt down, her ass jutting out for Bailey's view, and spoke to Abigail. “Do you want to move on?”

Abigail moaned, a wail that rattled the windows. Then she nodded. “I'm so lonely.”

“Then would you mind if me and my friend give you peace?”

“Can a woman do that… to another woman?” Abigail sounded completely surprised.

Bailey snorted and grinned. She was already hot and bothered and she tugged at her clothes. “Oh, I'm going to blow your world away.”

Kayla crawled over the salt ring and then cupped Abigail's head to lift it gently off the floor. “Is that okay with you? Do you want to feel what it is like to be human one last time? All you have to do is say yes and then we'll show you what three women can bump in the middle of the night.”

The ghost's aura turned a faint pink.

“Say the words, Abigail. Give us consent.”

“Y-Yes,” came the low, throaty moan.