Consent, it was the most powerful aphrodisiac that Kayla knew. Just hear the ghostly words brought a rush racing through her body even as the last of the adrenaline from the wrestling ebbed. Her limbs quivered but her thoughts turned to the hungry lust that was so hard to sate.

Slowly, Kayla brought the toothy mouth up to hers. She tilted Abigail's head to the side and kissed right along the iron chains that pried the ghost's mouth apart. Kayla may be turned on by the submissive specter in her arms but she wasn't stupid enough to get between her teeth.

The taste of the ghost's lips was a faint hint of dust and mold, but also the tickling aftertaste that was almost impossible to describe. The closest Kayla ever got was a fancy nitrogen-cooled cocktail that she had never gotten the name. It was an acquired taste as she kissed Abigail again, each time more aggressively as she ran her lips along the cool skin of the solidifying woman.

She reached up to stroke her hands along the ghost's sides, reminding the long-dead woman what it felt like to be touched. It would cause her to grow more firm, but also bring little flickers of pleasure that would further anchor her into the world.

Abigail let out an unearthly wail even as she arched her back into Kayla's. Her breath came out in little bursts of fog and snowflakes. Her eyes, the pitch black orbs, were somehow focused on Kayla's face.

“Um,” Bailey said hesitantly. “What do I do?”

Kayla trailed her fingers up along Abigail's chest. The ghost was wearing a dressing gown and her breasts were hidden with only a short lacing holding everything together. She tugged on it before answering. “How would you love a woman?”

“Kiss her. Touch her. What do you like to do to women?”

The lacing came undone and the top of Abigail's dress split open, fading away as much as tearing as it peeled back from two pale breasts tipped in white nipples. Kayla smiled as she ran her fingers around the nearest areola, enjoying how Abigail's body continued to phase in and out around the tip of Kayla;'s finger. The touch was electric and tingling, but both women quickly responded with soft moans of their own.

Bailey sank down opposite of Kayla. She had stripped off her top and her breasts were bared. Kayla couldn't help but notice how they stood up on their own, two perfect mounds that would be begging to be sucked if Kayla wasn't already in the middle of seducing a ghost.

Kayla pulled Abigail into another kiss as she ran her hands down the soft skin of the specter's belly. “Now, remember you want to leave, right?”

Abigail moaned and the house quivered.

“That means you need to tell us before you come. Just say the words and we're going to stop. You have to tell us, right?”

Abigail's eyebrows frowned as she moaned.

“Your orgasm is your going to be your gate. You want it to be the bright, most intense thing in your life. That means we are going to tease you—” Kayla drew her hand down into the valley of the ghost's thighs.

The material of Abigail's dress crumbled under the touch and Kayla only stroked along bare skin and ether. Even the ghost's pubic hair, bright white and parse, seemed to quiver as Kayla worked her way through it before slipping into the slick, cool channel. When her fingertip caressed the hard bump of the ghost's clit, she smiled and circled around it.

A welcoming throb filled Kayla as she rocked her fingertips along the ghost's pleasure, enjoying the little quivers. She realized that she had started a question and then forced her attention back. “You have to tell us if you want to leave. Do you understand, Abigail?”

The ghost whimpered and nodded. She twisted slightly, her arms still bound behind her back and a dribble of drool gathering on the corner of her mouth. She worked the chain in her mouth, but the cold iron kept her deadly teeth pried far apart.

Bailey took a deep breath and ran her hand over Abigail's other breast. Her fingers were ginger at first, but then more aggressive as she ran her fingernails over the ghostly flesh. At the same time, she drew down and kissed Abigail's cheek, ears, and then into the crock of her neck.

Underneath her, the ghost tensed and let out another wail of pleasure. Her hips bucked up against Kayla's fingers as she twisted her head back and forth, moving between Kayla's and Bailey's kisses.

Bailey's fingers joined Kayla's. Together, they worked the slick clitoris until the ghost was writhing with pleasure. Then Kayla reached further down to slid up and down the wet slit before plunging two fingers into the tight channel that hadn't felt a man in centuries.

“C-Close!” gasped the ghost.

Kayla pulled her hand out. Then grabbed Bailey's and pulled her a way.

The two mortals froze as the ghost trembled for a moment and then slumped back.

Abigail blinked at them and worked the chain her mouth. The trembling slowed and then stopped.


A nod.

Kayla smiled and kissed her again as she returned her hand to the ghost's pussy. With a firm pressure, she slipped her finger back into the tight channel and pumped slowly.

Bailey lowered her head to capture a hard nipple in her mouth. She sucked and moaned before cupping the breast to lavish it with more attention. Using her fingernails to maul the ghost's tit, the young woman slobbered and moaned as she nipped and sucked on the bright white nipple.

Kayla felt a wave of lust fill her as she worked a second finger into Abigail's slit. The soft folds clung to her digits with every stroke. She kept her eyes locked on Abigail's face, trying to keep the wavering expression in focus as she looked for a signs of an orgasm.

Bailey moaned and caressed Abigail's body, stroking and touching everything as she sucked hard on the nipple. Her hips rocked back and forth with her motions, adding to the trembling pile of three women.

Kayla saw the orgasm rising.

She pulled her fingers out of Abigail's snatch.

Bailey was still mauling the tit in her mouth.

Fighting the urge to keep going, Kayla jammed her hand underneath Bailey's chin and pulled her up. The bright nipple popped up as Bailey let out a gasp. Leaning forward, Kayla spoke firmly. “Stop.”

Bailey whimpered, then she tilted her head to capture Kayla's fingers in her mouth.

The touch of hot, living flesh against Kayla's fingertips was intense. She had forgotten what it felt like and the flickering flames inside her own loins rekindled. Moisture gathered as she stared at the younger woman who bobbed up and down as she laved every inch of ghostly juices from Kayla's fingertips.

Kayla's pussy grew hotter as she stared at the young hunger sucking on her finger. It took most of her willpower to pull them out and return to the task at hand. She returned her fingers to Abigail's pussy and resumed pumping with slow, determined strokes.

“Let me,” whispered Bailey as she crawled down. She was completely naked and her bare sex with glistening in the light from the windows. She gently pulled Kayla's fingers away to replace it with her mouth.

Unable to resist, Kayla stared the kneeling beauty as Bailey focused her attention on Abigail's clitoris and opening. It could have been the hours of resisting Bailey's charms, but seeing the young woman enthusiastically delving into helping Abigail made her difficult to resist. The urge to reach out and finger Bailey's bare pussy at the same time as teasing Abigail was difficult to resist.

To force herself to focus on the task, Kayla closed her eyes and lowered herself so she could suck on the ghost's nipple. It was tool to the touch, but the responsive body underneath shivered as the ghost let out a long wail of pleasure.

They continued their oral assault until the ghost's body tensed up.

Knowing that another orgasm was approaching, Kayla pulled away. At the same time, she reached own to grab Kayla by her hair and pulled her free of the ghost's legs.

Soft pants of pleasure rose up. Bailey let out a moan and then lifted her head, pulling Kayla's grip out of her hair so she could suck on the hunter's fingers.

Kayla's pussy drooled by the intense pleasure. She moaned and slowly pumped her fingers in and out of the mortals' mouth, enjoying the heat of the tongue that explored her and the little moans that vibrated through the connections of their bodies.

Bailey shifted her position, coming around without letting Kayla's fingers out of her mouth. She settled down between Abigail's legs with a grin before finally pulling off. Then, with a smile, she dove back to suck on the ghost's clitoris.

Underneath them, Abigail shuddered. “Feels so good…” she moaned. “More, please more.”

Kayla focused her attention on Abigail's nipples and breasts with her fingers while kissing and sucking along the ghost's neck. It was cool but sensitive. Every time she mouthed the icy flesh, Abigail would shuddered and the moans would increase.

It didn't take long for the signs of an orgasm came back.

Kayla reached down and pulled Bailey up by her hair.

The blonde hairs looked almost white in the light. Strands of juices and ethereal fluids coated her face as she smiled broadly. There was a glaze of lust in her eyes as she giggled and then lifted herself up to try capturing Kayla's fingers.

Kayla resisted for a moment, feeling as if she was losing control, but then she let the young hunger suck her fingers in. The pleasure of the hot touch and contrast to the cool flesh she stroked was intoxicating. Her pussy was drooling and her jeans were soaked; she had to take them off soon otherwise she would lose control herself.

Abigail whimpered. “No, come back. M-More, please. More.”

It was the first signs that the ghost was coming around. There was no talk about Jacob or the others, just a need for sex. But it would be a long way before they could finally let the poor specter orgasm.

The rounds grew faster as the ghost's was denied orgasm after orgasm. It didn't take long before only a few seconds were needed before the quivers raced along the ghost's body.

“Please,” whimpered the ghost, her voice coming from everywhere in the room. “I need it.”

Kayla moaned as she pulled Bailey's head. “Let me get down there.”

Bailey worked her jaw and nodded.

Pushing herself up to her knees, Kayla considered just replacing Bailey but the heat of the moment made it hard to decide. She didn't like humans, she told herself as she pulled her shirt and bra off and tossed it aside. The cool air teased her nipples.

It wasn't enough. With a blush and a glance at Abigail's lust-filled face, Kayla pushed herself to her feet and shoved her jeans down. Stepping out, she wore nothing but her black panties.

Below, Bailey stared at her with a glistening face covered in juices and an intense lust burning in her eyes.

Kayla felt beautiful in that moment, as if she was just as special as anyone else. Then she cleared her throat. “Come on, I want a taste.”

Bailey grinned and then rolled over, her short hair brushing against Abigail's thighs.

“What are you doing?”

Bailey grinned as she cupped Abigail's buttocks and pushed them. “There is another place that will get her off down here.”

Kayla stared.

“Never had your ass licked?” Bailey said with a wink, and then she nestled her mouth into the crevice of the ghost's buttocks.

Abigail let out a moan of pleasure as Bailey's tongue began to assault the tiny entrance.

“Oh… fuck,” gasped Kayla. The heat was intoxicating as she straddled Bailey's hips and lowered herself down. Her legs were trembling as she settled into place, pinning Bailey against the ground. With a moan, she slipped two fingers into Abigail's pussy before lowering her mouth to capture the slick clitoris with her lips.

It wasn't long before she felt another orgasm rising up for the ghost. It was both harder and easier to detect Abigail's orgasms from between her legs. Harder because she couldn't see the wavering face or the expression of pleasure but easier because of the flood of juices and the flex of muscles that came.

Kayla pulled away from the sweet, ethereal taste of Abigail's snatch.

With her head buried in the ghost's cheeks, Bailey didn't seem to catch the signs.

Kayla thought of two ways of telling her. She could have reached down and pulled them apart. But instead she leaned back and dropped her hand behind her, sliding her slick finger up Bailey's equality slick thighs before plunging two fingers into the tight, mortal pussy underneath her.