When Bailey felt Kayla's fingers slide into her box, it was everything she dreamed it would. The strong fingers twisted and scissored inside her, teasing against her inner walls as they caressed and probed. Curls of pleasure rose up, a heated flare that danced along her skin.

Blinded by the pair of ghostly buttocks in her face, Kayla hoped that the fingering signaled her to stop. it was hard to tell other than the quivering of Abigail's body above her. Immediately, Bailey closed her eyes and withdrew her tongue from the dripping asshole in front of her. Her attention focused on Kayla's fingers, enjoying every thrust and bump to the exclusion of everything.

It didn't take long for an orgasm to rise up; Bailey had been edging herself for hours since she first stumbled into the diner and realized the idol was there. Now, she was in a threesome with an actual ghost and a hunter and fulfilling a fantasy she never knew she had.

The fingers drove deep.

She let out a squeak and a moan into Abigail's clenching buttocks. Her entire body tensed as the pleasure rose.

But then, without warning, Kayla withdrew.

Bailey whimpered, but then Kayla's breasts pressed down against her chest and she felt the powerful woman resuming her lapping at Abigail's clit. Encouraged, she resumed probing and lapping at the tight pucker in front of her mouth.

She had never rimmed a girl before, but it was her fantasy along with a thousand others. She loved the curve of the ghost's buttocks, the way they tensed every time Bailey burrowed her face deeper into the crevice. The taste was sweet, unsoiled by mortal processes and with a hint of what she guessed with ethereal juices. Reaching up Abigail's body, Bailey blindly sought her breasts and clamped onto them before lapping hard and deep.

The ghost bucked between Bailey and Kayla, her hips trapped by the two mortal bodies. Underneath her, her arms flexed against her cuffs and ground along Bailey's limbs, the forced submission making the obvious excitement of the century-old woman even more intense.

It didn't take long before Kayla pulled back.

Bailey opened her legs, silently begging for the fingers to return.

When the thick digits slid in, three of them squirming and probing, Bailey let out a shudder and stopped licking and groping. She lost herself in the suffocating cold of a thrashing ghost as she focused her world on the deep thrusts the hunter gave her, thrusts that shook her entire body and managed to thump against her clitoris and g-spot at the same time.

Bailey whimpered as Kayla brought her to the edge of an orgasm.

But just before the crest, she withdrew.

Bailey squirmed with frustration. Abigail was the one supposed to be being denied an orgasm, not her. She released the ghost's tit with one hand and stretched down. She thrust her tongue into the tight pucker to do her duty as she worked her hand down between Abigail's legs, along Kayla, and then up to the heated moisture of the hunter's sex.

Kayla stiffened.

Bailey closed her eyes, silently begging for an exemption to the “no humans” rule.

When Abigail ground down, Bailey remembered to return to her licking and lapping.

Then, thick fingers brushed against her. For a moment, Bailey was sure she was going to be pulled away, but to her surprise, Kayla pulled her panties to the side and let the questing fingers sliding up into the super-heated depths of her body.

That was enough for Bailey. She came hard and fast, screaming into Abigail's ass as she mauled and thrust with both sets of fingers. Soft, ghostly tits with one hand and the wet depths in the other.

Kayla sat up, driving Bailey's fingers deeper into her.

Bailey's legs quivered with anticipation.

When Kayla's fingers returned to her snatch, Bailey stopped focusing on Abigail and rose the waves of pleasure as the two mortal women fingered and touched themselves.

The cycle continued after a few seconds. Licking and pleasuring the ghost before switching to the mortal. Bailey's head swamp with giddiness and lust, lost in a cycle that seemed to be accelerating. She could feel Abigail's juices and Kayla's drool coating her throat and chest. It added to the intimacy as they worked the ghost into a frenzy.

Then, just as Bailey didn't think she could take Abigail's lusts any more, Kayla changed her tactics. She didn't pull her fingers from Bailey's slot but kept them there, pounding hard even as she leaned over to assault Abigail's clitoris.

Unsure at first, but then it was obvious the hunter was pleasing both of them. Bailey then began her own assault, lapping and sucking and thrusting with all her might. She worked her tongue keep and wiggled it inside ghost.

Hot and cold juices splashed against her, soaking her entire body. Her own saliva added to the mess as they worked themselves into a frenzy.

Kayla's cunt clenched down on Bailey's fingers with remarkable force, almost crushing them. A flood of juices poured out from the three fingers deep in the brunette's pussy. It was so hot compared to the cold woman above her, the contrast set Bailey off on yet another orgasms that never seemed to end.

The world grew brilliant as an icy burst smashed against her body. Frost formed instantly along her soaked face, then there was nothing but darkness.

Abigail was gone.

Bailey blinked, her eyes coming back into focus. There was nothing between her and Kayla.

The hunter's face was soaked as her own. Dribbles ran down her cheeks but didn't diminish the look of lust and hunger that Bailey felt herself.

They stared at each other, saying nothing. Even their fingers, still buried inside each other's bodies, remained still.

Then, taking a chance, Bailey reached up with her now free hand, hooked it along the back of Kayla's neck and pulled herself up into a kiss. Their lips smashed together, parting almost instantly as they embraced each other passionately.

Kayla's fingers resumed pumping into Bailey, more forceful and commanding as before. They drove deep and scissored inside the soaked, sore opening before drawing out.

Bailey hooked her leg on Kayla's muscular back and pulled herself up, thrusting. Her tongue explored Kayla's mouth, caressing and teasing. Kayla tasted off strong coffee and pussy, a mixture that was heady and addictive.

Not far away, a car door slammed shut.

Bailey gasped and broke the kiss.

Kayla shrugged. “Gwen was watching us from the window. Now she's pretending she just got here so we can clean up.”

Another slam, probably a trunk and much harder than needed.

“Kayla…?” Bailey started but the moment was gone. It was in Kayla's eyes, the “not human” coming back from the heat of the moment. She sighed and pulled her wet fingers free.

Kayla did the same as she sat back and then off Bailey. She sighed and then sat on the ground next to her. “Sorry.”

Bailey grinned and licked her fingers. Kayla still tasted good. Then she grinned. “Don't be sorry, that was probably the best time I've ever had.”

“I… I just don't—”

Leaning forward, Bailey pressed her finger against Kayla's lips. “You aren't into humans, right?”

A shake.

“Except in the heat of the moment?”

Kayla grinned bashfully. “Maybe a little. Then I start to think about it and… then I'm not.” She twisted her hands together as she spoke.

Bailey rested her palm on Kayla's knuckles. “Well, my first girlfriend was a two drinks lesbian. You are so much better than that. I had a chance to be with someone as wonderful as young and I got to see a real, life ghost and—”

“Dead ghost.”

“Fine,” Bailey said with a grin. “I got to see a real ghost! And banished her with a good licking and lots of fingering.”

A different type of thrill rose inside her, exhilaration of the unknown. She stretched. “Oh, God! I don't think I ever came that hard in my life.”

Another slammed trunk door.

Kayla sighed. “She's going to keep doing that. Do you want to take the master bathroom and clean up? I'll take the guest room.”

Bailey stood up. She reached down to offer Kayla a hand but the hunter was gone. “How the fuck does she do that?”