The small maneuvering craft, the PRAS Her Smallest Finger, rumbled softly as it sailed through the inky darkness of space. Its destination was the small, sparkling dot in the center of the cockpit screen. The navigation system displayed notices surrounding the dot: a halo of information such as the distance and velocity, information about the current registered owner, and how long the wait until they had a chance to sit down for dinner. The most obnoxious was the real-time display of the price per plate, in quantities that exceeded the annual income of their little band of mercenaries.

Hirhu sighed and peeked up at the countdown for their time in the docking queue and then rolled her eyes. “If we're invited there to speak to someone, why do we have to wait?” Her voice was high-pitched and soft, but with the clipped accent of someone who grew up in a limited atmosphere environment. Her enunciation was precise, with few blurred sounds and diphthongs.

She sat sideways in the copilot seat, her feet propped on the side closest to her companion and her other resting on the console for the weapon countermeasures. Her long, green hair was bunch up in complex braid, which also cushioned her skull against the rows of mechanical buttons that would be launching flares and chaff if it wasn't for the physical switch on the side that disabled everything.

Luap looked up from his current distraction, a new control system for one of Lord Palapus's drones, and blew her a kiss with a smile. His left eye flashed with his virtual display but his right remained clearly focused on her. “Because, my dear, rich people like to make people wait. It makes them feel important.”

Hirhu couldn't help but feel a little thrill at his expression. She loved his smile, when it was directed at some technological toy, a new printed puzzle, or when it came from up between her thighs. She scissored her legs and parted them slightly so he knew exactly how narrow was the thong nestled up between her cheeks.

Luap's eyes slid down for a moment. Then he drew his gaze up, his movements slow and hungry as his eyes narrowed.

She waved her right foot and caused the boot hanging from her toes to bounce against her bare sole. “If he's that hung up, why is he the one who needed us? We flew halfway across the system to get here only to wait for him to finish his lobster con carne. Burning that much fuel costs money.”

“He gave us a million ABOL just to show up. That's enough operating expenses for six months.”

He grinned and wagged his finger. “And don't speak languages you don't know. You never know when you're going to offend someone. There is no such things as ‘lobster con carne’ besides you have never seen a lobster in your life. They went extinct decades ago.”

“Rich people probably have them still. Probably big vats of them on that station.” She arched her back, pushing her firm breasts up as she strained the limits of her little black dress. Her puffy nipples were peaks in the material, not quite hard but still visible. The embroidered hem rose up to her thigh and she could feel the fabric tugging on the metal joints at her hips. The synthetic diamonds in the fabric sparkled sparkled in the light of the cockpit.

He started to say something but then shrugged with agreement. “Yeah, that is a rich person thing, isn't it? Bioengineer cows and lobsters just to have something everyone else doesn't. A taste of the good days when Sol V was the only planet people cared about.”

“I know something else that tastes good.”

His eyes raked over her again and his smile grew.

Hirhu cupped her breast, pushing it up. “We do have a half hour wait.”

“Yes, and I can imagine they call us and you are buck naked and pressed up against the camera.”

Hirhu sighed and spread her legs for him. “I'd like that.”

“Well, it leaves a poor impression with our customers. And you know, I like to savor my deserts,” he said as he pointedly looked at the cleft between her thighs. “And I have no intent in taking ‘only’ a half hour to properly eat that.”

She moaned and tugged on the bottom of her dress. “Are you sure?”

The hem slid up her bare thighs until the short green hairs on her pubis were visible. She continued to pull until the right side caught on the metal joint that connected her leg to her hip. The connection was a pair of flat metal circles clamped together in a series of electromagnetic locks. One of them was connected to the top of her leg and the other to her hip with a thin line between the two giving the impression that they could be disconnected.

His eyes narrowed as he focused on the joint. “Got a burr there?”

Feeling that he was getting distracted, Hirhu pushed the fabric down. “It is catching a little after it caught that blade last week. And one of the locks is loose—” She realized she was ruining the mood and clamped her mouth shut.

Luap frowned. “You should have told me. As soon as we get back, I'll get that polished up.”

“It'll be fine. I can barely—”

When he looked up, he had his commanding stared in his eyes. “Tonight, you're on the workbench.”

Hirhu shivered. “Yes, sir,” she said in a soft voice.

Her nipples throbbed as he leveled his glare at her. As much as she pushed back, there was something about his no-nonsense look when he took charge that always excited her. She let out a soft moan and pressed her thighs together as she finished pushing the hem down until it covered the metal connection but left her pubis visible for him.

His eyes flickered down and he smiled. “Someone isn't listening, is she?”

She glanced down. The thin strip of fabric was barely wide enough to cover both sides of her pussy. The furrow between her lips was clearly visible as was the little bump of her clitoris.

Hirhu reached down and tucked her finger underneath the grommet to slide down her length. She was damp as she pulled away the material. The smell of her sex, pale and sweet, wafted past her. Then she pulled her finger away to let it snap against her sex. “Sure you don't want desert now?”

His left eye flashed twice and then went dark.

He had turned off his displays.

Hirhu let her boot drop from her foot. She moaned as she sat up and then pulled herself out of her chair. “I knew you could use a snack.”

His face was unreadable as she slid over to him and straddled his hips. His cock was already hard in his trousers, a nice and hefty length that she loved to feel inside her body.

She stroked it through the fabric. “God, I always love when you let me touch you.”

Luap only grunted.

Hirhu rubbed harder, hooking her knuckles on either side of his hardness so she could trace the length from tip down his large balls. Even through the fabric, she could feel thick thick veins and ridges along his length. With a moan, she spread her legs further apart until her sex was just dancing centimeters over his hardness.

Leaning forward, she kissed him. His lips were soft but firm. She could taste his smile.

“Oh, love,” she breathed. “Every minute without you is torture.”

He finally moved, sliding his hands up along her bare thighs. His fingertips were soft but his palm was rough. She could feel the terminals embedded on his skin that connected him to his guns and gave him the ability to interface with many computer systems. The contrast of metal and skin burned along her skin.

She panted as she stroked his length, encouraging him.

His hands cupped her buttocks before he tightened his grip on the metal joints that connected both legs to her body. They were nearly identical, the left only millimeters further down than the right.

They also made perfect grips.

He sat up his chair to kiss her neck.

The soft touch sent bursts of pleasure along her senses. She moaned and arched her head away, giving him more access as he nuzzles along her bare skin down to the strap over her shoulder.

Luap pushed the fabric aside as he kissed to a third joint, right where her arm met her shoulder. Like the ones on her hips—and the one on her other arm—they marked the junctions from her limbs to the rest of her body.

They were also sensitive and his kisses sent little shocks through the sensitive sensors that were embedded in the metal.

The shock raced through her nerves, setting each one fire as they lit up her senses. Her nipples and clitoris stood up as she moaned louder. “Do you want me to disconnect?”

His hands clamped onto her ass as he picked her up from his lap.

She squealed as her pussy grew slick.

Luap lifted his lips from her arm joint. “Legs together,” he said.

Hirhu stared at him.

“Put your legs together,” he said in a stronger tone.

There was a different look in his eyes, a commanding disappointment.

She whimpered as he held her up so she could press her knees together.

He dumped her on the ground between his thighs. Leaning forward, he said in a low, disappointed tone, “I said no.”

“But… I'm horny.”

“I don't care. I expect you to listen to me, Hirhu.”

She ducked her head. “I'm sorry, sir. I'll be a better girl next time.”

Luap's fierce look faded. He reached down to cup her cheek. “I know, it's hard waiting this long.”

“It is.”

“But, now you've made me hard.”

There was a moment of pause as she stared at him, hoping rising.

Then Luap dug into his trousers to pull out his cock. Her eyes dropped down to feast on the hard shaft to rose ahead of her. He was about nineteen centimeters from tip to his shaved balls. Thick ridges spiraled up his length until they reached the large flare of his crown; it resembled a morel mushroom in shape with a bulbous glans and a large, rounded tip.

The smell of his musk flooded her senses and she could feel her eyes dilate as everything else in the world disappeared. Licking her lips, she couldn't tear her eyes away from his shaft as she responded. “I'm sorry.”

“You will be,” he said as he pulled her head closer.

Obediently, she opened her mouth and swallowed his crown. It was a mouthful, stretching her lips as she worked her head around the thickest part. Her jaw ached, but she loved the strain as he increase the pressure. The thick head shoved deep into her mouth and then to the back.

She grew slicker with the idea of him fucking her throat, but he seemed content to just fill her mouth as he pushed and pulled her back and forth on his length.

His crown grew thicker in her mouth as a flood of pre-cum dribbled down her throat.

She coughed and swallowed as she put more effort into her bobbing, matching his movements as he gently fucked her face. Every time he pushed her back, his glans would catch in her lips before the soft head plunged back into her mouth.

Hirhu reached up to cup his balls.

“No, hands behind your back,” he said in a sharp tone.

Her hands gripped her elbows, stretching her shoulders and shoving her breasts tighter against her fabric. As soon as she was in the right position, she send the “lock limb” order through her neurological connection.

Her grips snapped into place, clamping down with far more force than she could ever do on her own. Then, there was no need to concentrate on them anymore, they would remain attached to her elbows until she send the right cybernetic command code.

“There you go, a nice obedient girl who knows when to shut up.”

She looked up him and tried to smile, but his girth made it impossible to do so. She moaned and rocked her hips. Her moans were soft, barely escaping her nostrils and stuffed lips.

The loving look he gave her made her want him even more. She moaned louder.

A loud trill filled the cabin, an incoming call.

Luap gave her a “see, I told you” look.

She flinched and shrugged.

“Keep sucking,” he said as he released her hand. Reaching up, he adjusted the camera before turning it on. “Salut, this is Luap of the PRAS Quadruped, currently pilot of the PRAS Her Smallest Finger.”

There was a dance of musical tones as his authentication was added to the outbound audio. More handshaking happened as the image above her head flashed different colors but she was unable to turn away from the hard cock that pinned her face.

Hirhu concentrated on the order she was given. She kept herself from making noises as she bobbed up and down on his cock. With every stroke that puffed out her cheeks, she lapped at his cock head and suckled at the clear fluids that dribbled down her throat.

“This is the maître d'hôtel of the TKARG Glorious Prominence Upon the Stars, your presence has been requested by your patron. Please arrive at terminal three within twenty minutes. No weapons of any form will be allowed and you will be subject to a level three scan upon arrival.”

Luap's hands stroked her cheek as she continued to suck on his cock.

She almost moaned as she pushed down, forcing the spongy head against the back of her throat.

He tapped her nose.

Hirhu backed off and then resumed the steady strokes that she knew would bring him the most pleasure. She let her attention focus on the ridges that rippled along her lips as she drew out and then the feeling of being gagged as she shoved down.

Her own hips continued to rock slowly as she imaged his length buried inside her sex. They fucked last night, but she was addicted to him as much as he was to her. She couldn't wait to apologize properly for pushing him so much.

“We'll be there. Thank you.”

“Your invitation is for you and one other. Will you be alone?”

Luap's cock throbbed in her mouth. “My companion is currently indisposed.”

“The scans of your ship indicate that there is only one of you.”

Catching her head, Luap grabbed her braid and held her still. His cock throbbed as he held it inside her mouth. “She is currently in the engine compartment. We weren't aware of how long we would be waiting and thought about opening up a bottle of Dis Habaner '721 while we waited.”

“I see.” The other voice dripped with disapproval. “An engine compartment is a poor place for such a delicate drink. The radiation will ruin it in a matter of weeks.”

A disdainful sniff. “I shall provide a proper tasting of a '702 when you arrive in exchange of you providing your '721 for disposal.”

Luap bowed his head deeply, which also caused his hips to shove his length deep into her mouth. The thick head jammed into her throat, right against the place that made her gag. He held her tight, his fingers digging into her head. “Thank you, sir. I look forward to be educated.”

“Twenty minutes or you will be dismissed. Glorious Prominence out.”

There was a loud click as the maître d'hôtel disconnected.

Luap sighed but didn't relax his grip on her head.

Hirhu gulped loudly at his cock, her chest heaving as she started to feel the burn of having her breath cut off.

Then he chuckled. “Imagine that. I told someone we needed to wait until tonight to have some fun and as soon as I pull out my dick, he calls.”

Hirhu's eyes were tearing as she looked up.

He smiled down at her. “You are pretty as fuck down there though. This was a good idea, help vent my tension.”

Reaching over with his free hand, he tapped a few controls.

The rumble of the ship grew louder.

Then he grabbed her head with both hands and began to fuck her face with earnest. His thick head yanked out of her throat before slamming back. She couldn't do anything besides take it as he took longer strokes that stretched her lips before jamming the head into her mouth.

Hirhu moaned loudly as the wet slurping filled the cabin. She wished she could touch him as she shoved her face down.

“Release your grip,” he said.

She sent the order. Her hands unclamped from her elbows.

“Show me your tits,” he said in a sharp tone as his cock throbbed in her mouth. He was close, about to come.

Eager to give him the final push, she shoved the straps of her dress off her shoulders, exposing her arm joints. The fabric loosened enough for her to pull it away from her breasts.

His eyes flickered down to her soft mounds. They weren't large as she wanted, but he always loved their perky, teardrops. He would spend hours touching, grabbing, and suckling on them and she couldn't wait to feel his lips on her puffy nipples.

“Oh yeah,” he groaned. The wetness in her mouth grew slicker as he reached his crest.

Then he yanked his cock from her lips.

Hirhu lurched forward, her mouth open. “Huh?”

Luap kept one hand on her head to hold it still as he pumped with his other cock. His thick fingers jacked up the length, from underneath the crown to his balls.

The slit at the end expanded and then a rope of hot cum splattered against her breasts. It was followed by another and another. Hot whips of liquid splashed on her nipples and oozed down her cleavage. She could feel it sliding down her skin along her belly.

With a final blast on her right breast, he let out a sigh. “Oh, much better!”

Hirhu looked down at her breasts. Her skin was covered in cum and it was already reaching her thong. She could feel the hot dribbles soaking into the fabric.

“Put your tits away.”


“Now,” he said as he squeezed his hands.

Cringing, she released the fabric of her little black dress. it smacked against her soaked skin. She could feel the cum soaking into the fabric, causing it to stick and cling to her skin.

Luap reached over and pulled her straps back up to cover her joints. “Now, when I said we wait?”

She let out a shuddering breath. “I listen to you. Without question. Like the best girl.”

“That's right. Stand up. It's time to get hired for a job.”

She stood up, feeling every milliliter of sticky, soaked fabric against her skin. She glanced down in fear that cum was oozing out through the fabric, but the glittery diamonds and material hid the fact that she was basted with his cum.

Luap kissed her. “You are so beautiful. And now I'm going to be so hard thinking about how you are covered in cum when we walk in front of all those rich people.”

A blush colored her cheeks.

He gestured for her to sit.

She did without hesitation. Reaching down, she grabbed her boot to put it back on.

Luap stood up.

“Where are you going?”

“To get the '721 from our cabin and jam it into the reactor shielding so it has at least a little radiation in case they scan it. And then to figure out why the stealth system was activated, he should have known you were on the ship which means we never turned off after we did the Taxis job two weeks ago.”